Mahindra Scorpio Getaway gets ROYALLY stuck in the middle of a river: Rescued [Video]

You may have seen many off-road rescue videos, but this one of the craziest ones we’ve ever seen. Seen in the video is a Mahindra Scorpio Getaway loaded with people on its flatbed, stuck in a river crossing. A tractor comes for help!

What’s happening here?

The video shows a Mahindra Scorpio Getaway stuck in the middle of a water crossing or a river. We can count at least 9 people on the vehicle who are sharing the space between the flatbed and the roof of the vehicle. The modified Scorpio Getaway also has people inside it.

A tractor can be seen pulling the Scorpio Getaway from the riverbed with the help of a tow rope. Tractors are very high on torque and are specifically built for farm work that needs towing farming equipment. The big block tyres also give extra grip to the vehicle. The tractor can be seen doing the job quite easily and pulling out the Scorpio Getaway to the river bank.

When the driver opens the doors of the Scorpio Getaway, a lot of water flows out of it. It should be noted that the windows of the Scorpio Getaway are open and it is quite possible that water entered the vehicle through the windows. The 4X4 Getaway gets modifications like an off-road spec bumper, a snorkel and off-road spec tyres. The snorkel increases the water wading capability of the vehicle and allows it to go deeper into the water. However, even a snorkel has limitations and a high level of water can make the vehicle useless by hydro-locking it.

Also, lighter vehicles are more successful in off-roading as they can come out of the situations with minimal efforts. The Scorpio Getaway seen here is full of people and the load of the vehicle is definitely exceeding its capacity. A heavier vehicle needs a more powerful engine and wider tyres to distribute the weight more evenly and come out of such situations easily, the Scorpio Getaway had none. From the video, it looks like the people wanted to cross the water stream to reach the other side of the bank, but it would have been a much better idea if it was done with a less number of people onboard.

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