Elephant rescuing Mahindra Scorpio: The WILDEST off roading rescue you will ever see [Video]

Getting rescued is a part of off-roading culture and every hard-core off-roader, at some point in time, has been rescued while getting too adventurous. While there are many off-roading rescue videos available on the Internet, this one is the craziest that you will see. Here is an Elephant pulling out a stuck Mahindra Scorpio.

What is happening here?

The video shows a Mahindra Scorpio stuck on the banks of a lake. The rear wheels of the Mahindra Scorpio are stuck in the wetland and with no other vehicle to rescue the SUV in the vicinity, an elephant was put to the job. The video shows that the elephant pulls out the Scorpio with the help of a rope, without trying too hard – the rope was attached to the front tow-hook of the SUV.

The elephant grabs the rope with its trunk and pulls out the heavy SUV without breaking a sweat. After the Scorpio starts moving initially, the rear wheels of the vehicle fail to get traction and the elephant applies force again to pull it out of the sticky situation. It seems like a 2WD Scorpio from the video as only the rear wheels of the vehicle can be seen moving. After the Scorpio struggles to push forward on its own, the mahout guides the elephant to help the Scorpio yet again and take it to a harder surface.

Indian elephants can lift up to 250-300 kg of weight using their trunks alone. However, they can pull much heavier items, a vehicle in this case, as seen in this video. Elephants are commonly used in many parts of India to carry wooden logs and other heavy materials in remote places. They are specially trained for the job and are quite capable.

See where you’re going!

Getting stuck at a place where getting help is difficult can be dangerous. It is always recommended to check the area before venturing out. If the vehicle does not have a 4WD or 4×4 feature, one should be extra careful. Here are a few tips that can help you get out of awkward situations while off-roading.

  • SUVs with 4X2 drive layouts are not very capable. Do not test their limits by taking them into challenging situations.
  • Even 4X4 vehicles have limits and it is always a good idea to stay out of dangerous situations if help is not around.
  • Always engage the 4X4 system (if your vehicle offers it) before driving to a challenging terrain. Putting the vehicle in 4X4 mode after getting stuck does not always help.
  • A rescue vehicle stationed nearby is always a good idea during hardcore off-roading.