Mahindra Scorpio gets stuck off the road: Hyundai Creta tries to rescue, & also gets STUCK [Video]

Although Indians love SUVs, off-roading is still considered a niche adventure sport. We have several SUV owners group who are now arranging trips to explore the capabilities of an SUV. The number of people coming forward for such activities is slowly increasing. We have mentioned in many of our articles that taking a 2WD vehicle for off-roading is not recommended. We have seen several videos of SUVs off-roading and getting stuck while doing it. Here we have one such video where off-roading with 2WD Mahindra Scorpio went wrong. The SUV got badly stuck in the sand and was finally rescued using a tractor.

The video has been published by Manish Jat on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger was exploring the mud track in a Mahindra Scorpio. After driving some distance, they came across a place where the surface was very uneven. Vlogger was pretty confident that the Scorpio can handle this as it had ample amount of ground clearance. He slowly started driving the SUV to the tricky portion and before he could any further, the SUV got stuck.

It should be kept in mind that the Scorpio seen here is the 2WD version. The soil in this area was very loose within no time, the rear wheels started digging in. The wheels had lost traction and the SUV was not going anywhere. The vlogger tries moving the car in front and reverse to clear the path but, it was doing more harm than good.

Mahindra Scorpio is a rear wheel drive SUV. The front wheels got stuck in the front and the rear wheels started spinning. One of the rear wheel was freely spinning and no power was being sent to the wheel touching the ground. They tried putting stones and pushing the car several times but, all those efforts were in vain.

Mahindra Scorpio gets stuck off the road: Hyundai Creta tries to rescue, & also gets STUCK [Video]

A Hyundai Creta was also being driven on such surface but, luckily they did not bring it to this spot. Finally when they saw that the Scorpio was not coming out, they called their friend who was driving the Creta and they tried pulling it out using it. They tied rope and started pulling Scorpio. The SUV did not move and the Creta had also started to dig into the sand. They took Creta out and then started trying new ways to bring the Scorpio out.

In between, couple of local women who were passing by the track also tried helping them by pushing the car but, that also made no difference. Finally, vlogger got old of a tractor driver who was working nearby and he pulled the Scorpio out.

If this was a 4WD SUV, it wouldn’t have taken the vlogger 3-4 hours to take the SUV out. In this case, the front wheels were free but, they had no power which made no difference. The power was only being sent to the rear wheels which were stuck in the sand. The rope they used to pull the car out was also not strong enough and had snapped several times. Getting stuck is part of off-roading but, in a 2WD vehicle, getting out of such situations become a lot more difficult.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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