Mahindra Scorpio hits Toyota Innova; Innova crashes into oncoming truck in a HUGE pile-up accident

In a big pile-up accident that happened just outside Udaipur’s Rana Pratap Airport, two lives were tragically lost. The accident involved multiple vehicles including a Toyota Innova, a Mahindra Scorpio, a truck, a Maruti WagonR and even a commuter motorcycle. The driver and rear passenger of the Innova lost their lives in the accident while the front passenger of the MPV was air-lifted to Delhi, and is being treated for his injuries.

How did it happen?

The Toyota Innova was about the cross the road at designated opening in the median, in order to get into the airport. Upon seeing a truck approaching at high speed, the Innova driver is said to have reversed the car to avoid getting hit by the truck.

A Mahindra Scorpio coming behind the Innova rear ended the MPV, sending it directly into the path of the oncoming truck. The truck hit the Innova, causing the MPV to roll multiple times, leading to the deaths and injuries. A Maruti WagonR following the Scorpio rear-ended it, and even a milkman on a commuter motorcycle is said to have been injured in the dangerous pile-up. The truck driver fled the spot,leaving his truck behind. A case has been registered against him.

Crossing roads always calls for caution!

While crossing a road, it pays to be extra cautious. Often, the speed on the oncoming vehicles cannot be estimated/judged clearly, and this can lead to accidents. It’s best to wait, and allow oncoming vehicles to proceed, and then cross the road.

In such cases, the ‘right of way’ has to be given to the oncoming vehicle and not the vehicle trying to cross the road. Be extra cautious at night as it’s even more difficult to judge speeds of oncoming vehicles. Following these precautions will help you stay out of trouble.

Via Team-BHP