Mahindra Scorpio: Hot Transformation Ideas

Mahindra Scorpio: Hot Transformation Ideas

Mahindra Scorpio has remained one of the favourite SUVs in the Indian market. The vehicle has been around for 14 years now, and has gone through little changes since it was first launched in 2002.

Mahindra Scorpio Prisma

The Scorpio is also one of the most modified cars in India. There are many modders including Mahindra’s official customization division, who can do fantastic and tasteful modifying jobs with the Scorpio to differentiate it from the sea of similar ones seen on the road.

We bring you five types of modifications that can transform the Scorpio to a much better looking, versatile safer or/and faster car.

Subtle exteriors and interior mods

Kit Up Scorpio1

Scorpio is a butch looking vehicle. Few changes done to the exterior and the interiors of the car can take it to a different league altogether. This modification is a perfect example for the same.

Kit Up Scorpio2

The car gets a piano black roof that starts from the base of A-Pillar and ends at the D-Pillar base. The Scorpio looks very classy with the blacked out roof that matches the new glossy black alloys. The exterior also gets smoked headlamps and tail lamps. The red and black theme suits the Scorpio very well.

Kit Up Scorpio3

The modifications are not limited to the exterior, though. Inside the car, the seats have been covered with premium Napa leather for premium feel and comfort.

Kit Up Scorpio

Off-Road beast


The Scorpio is equipped with low ratio 4X4 gearbox. A few more accessories and equipment will turn it into an unstoppable beast. Modifications like high snorkel, off-road steel bumpers with skid plates and engine guard save the Scorpio from anything that can go wrong during the off-road sessions. The car also gets Maxxis Bighorn mud tyres that make the car very capable of tackling slippery and slush situations.

Scorpio Getaway, for farm and off the road


The Scorpio Getaway is one of the few trucks available in India. The brutal looking truck can be modified to tackle any off-road situation and look intimidating at the same time. The modified Scorpio Getaway gets 16-inch Rims with 33-inch Hankook Rubber. The car also gets 3-inch suspension lift that gives it higher ground clearance and better off-road capabilities while enhancing its looks.

Bullet Proof

Bullet proof

The Scorpio can be made bullet proof with a kit available from The Defence Land Systems, a company owned by Mahindra.

The modification job includes bulletproof glass in front windscreen. The body panels are also fitted with bulletproof materials that have been inserted discreetly inside the panels. The fuel tank is also made from bulletproof material for extra protection.

The safe car also gets tracking device that can track the car real time from a remote location. The bulletproof car can stop 9mm pistol bullet fired from 5 metres at 90-degree angle.

Tuned Scorpio


The Scorpio is a fairly powerful car. The car can still be tuned for more power and torque. A well known after market performance specialist, Pete’s, offers tuning boxes for diesel cars that increase the engine capabilities. They also undertake suspension improvement jobs. For the Scorpio with 2.2-liter mHawk turbo diesel engine, the tuning box increases 20 bhp of power which takes the overall power output to 140 bhp while the torque is increased by 50 Nm that takes the final torque output to 340 Nm. Remaps are also available.

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