Mahindra Scorpio-Jeep crash during street racing ends with Scorpio driver dead

Public roads are not exactly designed for racing and this has been proved yet again by a major accident that happened recently. A street race, in Bhopal, between a Mahindra Scorpio and a modified Jeep took an ugly turn that left one dead. Here’s everything that you may want to know about the accident.

What happened exactly?

The incident took place in the wee hours of Monday. According to the Times of India, the Mahindra Scorpio driver, Sachin Hiwale, placed a bet with the driver of a modified ‘jugad’ Jeep, on a ‘pink slip’ condition that would have allowed the winner to take the other vehicle home.

30-year-old Sachin was with his three friends when the race started. According to the cops, Sachin saw the other vehicle pulling ahead and he raced to overtake. While doing so, he lost control and hit the divider at around 120 km/h. The Scorpio jumped the divider and landed on the other side of the road where the SUV rolled over as many as three times before coming to rest. While Sachin’s friends were able to come out of the vehicle with minor injuries, he was pinned down by the steering of the vehicle and died from his injuries soon after he reached the hospital.

Mahindra Scorpio-Jeep crash during street racing ends with Scorpio driver dead

The modified Jeep fled the spot and the cops are yet to identify the owner of the vehicle. Sachin owned a tourism business in Ghana and had a flight scheduled on the same day. However, he met with a few people at the tea stall who shared his passion for fast bikes and cars. Sachin was returning from a birthday party and after staying for a while, Nitesh and two other friends accompanied Sachin for a night drive. However, they felt the urge for tea and headed to Kamla Park at 4 AM. Sachin spotted the modified Jeep while having his tea and he went to talk to the strangers who were also having tea inside the Jeep. After the conversation, they decided to race.

Street racing is dangerous

Speeding inside city limits is extremely dangerous as the roads are not designed for high speeds. Also, city roads can throw surprises at any time, and at high speed, there is much less time to react. It is very important to stay within the speed limits on the roads. Also, most SUVs are not designed for high-speed turns. The high ground clearance makes the vehicle wobbly while taking corners and it becomes highly unstable. The body roll can make the vehicle go out of control in a blink! It is important to know the limits of a vehicle and never engage in street racing.