Mahindra Marksman is Scorpio’s LETHAL form: It’s now guarding Delhi airport

Mahindra Marksman, which is one of the many defence vehicles manufactured by Mahindra and Mahindra is based on the Mahindra Scorpio’s NCGS platform. Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) recently inducted six new units of the Mahindra Marksman armoured vehicles solely for the protection of the Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Reportedly, they are the first permanent bulletproof vehicles that will be stationed at the premises of the International airport in India. However, a Renault Sherpa armoured vehicle has been seen often guarding the high sensitive airport of the national capital in India.

The Mahindra Marksman is based in the same platform as the Scorpio but it has been modified heavily. The Marksman is available with two engine options. There is a 2.2-litre mHawk CRDe, turbocharged intercooled DI engine that produces a maximum power of 120 Bhp and peak torque of 280 Nm. The engine available with the Marksman is a 2.6-litre turbocharged DI engine that generates a maximum power of 115 Bhp and 228 Nm of peak torque. The 2.2-litre diesel motor is also available with the Mahindra Scorpio in the Indian market. Both the engine options get a 5-speed manual transmission and 4X4 system with a low-ratio transfer case.

The Marksmen can accommodate up to 6 people including the driver. The vehicle gets B6 level of protection that can protect the occupants from the firing of small arms and grenade attacks. The floor of the Marksman gets the bomb-protection too and it can survive up to two DM-51 German hand grenades or equivalent. There are steel interior frames that provide extra protection on the side. The vehicle also gets a Coppola machine gun mount that can be rotated 270 degrees.

Mahindra Marksman is Scorpio’s LETHAL form: It’s now guarding Delhi airport

The dashboard of the Mahindra Marksman resembles the old-generation Mahindra Scorpio and the front two seats are also similar to the popular SUV in the Indian market. Without any doubt, it is the most lethal version of the Mahindra Scorpio in the market but of course, private citizens are not allowed to buy it.

The Marksman is currently used by various State Police forces in India for various purposes. The Kolkata Police and the Force One division of Mumbai Police have the Marksman in their fleet. The exact price of the Marksman depends on the level of customisation ordered by the client but as per sources, it can cost between Rs. 25 lakh and Rs. 40 lakh. Mahindra also exports the Marksman to international defence and police forces.

All the six units procured by CISF has been given to the Quick Reaction Team (QRT) of the CISF. The team is trained as the first-responders in critical situations. This is not the first time that CISF have procured the Marksman in India. The QRT division already owns a few Mahindra Marksman that have been put into service in various areas of the country. CISF is responsible for guarding the most important government installations in India including the nuclear plants. Also, they are hired by the private companies to guard their campuses in India.