Mahindra Scorpio modified by DC Design looks WILD

Mahindra Scorpio has been one of the SUVs that still has a cult following in the country. First launched in 2002, the Scorpio became an instant hit and still attracts a lot of customers due to its rugged looks. It is a proper SUV that can handle a fair share of off-roading and even comes with a proper 4×4 with low ratio gearbox.  Mahindra Scorpio has also been an SUV that is quite famous among modifiers. Here we have one such tastefully modified Mahindra Scorpio from DC Designs.

Mahindra Scorpio Modified 1

This Mahindra Scorpio has been modified by DC North East and looks wild. First things that you would notice in this modified Mahindra Scorpio is the matte black paint job. The matte black paint job gives it a rough and tough look. Coming to the front end of the Scorpio it gets a big hood scoop and it has a DC logo on it. The front grille has been totally replaced. It no ore has that iconic Mahindra seven slats, instead it gets a horizontal strip in the middle with mesh in the background. the grille on gets a small LED light bar on it.

The Bumper has been totally redone. It now gets a muscular looking bumper with LED fog lamps in them. It does not look like that any changes are made to the headlamp units. Looking at the profile there are not many changes to be seen. On the top it get a new roof rail and it also has LED lights fixed on top of the roof.

Mahindra Scorpio Modified 3

Another major change made to this Scorpio is the Alloy wheels that give this SUV a sporty and aggressive stance. No major changes are made to the rear of the car. It now gets a redesigned bumper that matches well with the one on the front. The whole car gets a black theme and all the chrome that is normally seen on Scorpio has been totally removed or replaced with black bits.

It is not known that DC North East has done any modification to the interiors of the car.DC has done a great job modifying the vehicle and, the Mahindra Scorpio looks wild. Mahindra is now working on next-generation Scorpio. It has been spotted testing couple of times and is likely to be launched next year. It’ll be offered with both petrol and diesel engine options. The new Scorpio is expected to be significantly pricier than the current model.

Mahindra Scorpio Modified 2