Mahindra Scorpio N 4×4 gets royally stuck in mud: Tractor to the rescue [Video]

Mahindra Scorpio N SUV is currently one of the most popular SUV in the country. Launched in the market last year, Scorpio N now has a long waiting period. Ever since its launch, we have com across several videos where the SUV has shown how capable it is both on and off the road. Recently, a video from a YouTuber showing the sunroof on his Scorpio N leaking had gone viral on the internet. After that incident, the manufacturer had given a reply to the vlogger in the form of another video. Here we have another video from the same YouTuber where he got his Scorpio N stuck in mud.

The video has been uploaded by Arun Panwar on his YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger and his friends were driving the Scorpio N on a mud track that goes around some paddy fields. The Vlogger decided to stop the SUV on the side of the road to make way for a herd of sheep and that is when the trouble started. The vlogger who was driving the Scorpio N was not aware of the fact that the place where he had planned to park the SUV had sticky mud. Both wheels on the right side of the SUV were stuck in mud.

When the SUV got stuck in mud, the driver had not engaged 4×4 and was attempting to get the SUV out without engaging 4×4. He did not realise how complicated the situation was. He simply drove the car in reverse and that only made things worse and the rear wheels were now getting dug in mud. For people who don’t know, Mahindra does not offer AT tyres with Scorpio N. It is offered HT tyres which is not great for off-roading. The rear wheels could not find any grip and were simply spinning in one place.

Mahindra Scorpio N 4×4 gets royally stuck in mud: Tractor to the rescue [Video]
Mahindra Scorpio N stuck in mud

The vlogger then engages 4×4 and then attempts to drive the SUV out. He drives the SUV forward and then in reverse attempting to create a track where he can drive the car out. The SUV did move forward but, the mud was so sticky that it could not come out on its own. This was not something that the vlogger was prepared for so he had no back up vehicle with him too. He then called one of his friend to bring the tractor to pull the SUV out. While his friend had gone to pick the tractor, the vlogger attempted to drive the SUV out by engaging mud and rut mode.

The SUV was badly stuck and had beached which was making things difficult for the driver. The tractor was then brought to the spot and then they started to pull the Scorpio N out. The tow bar was installed on the rear bumper but for some reason, it was not sitting properly. Every time, the tractor was pulling the Scorpio N, the tow bar was coming loose. The video shows how important tyres are while off-roading and it also shows why it is important to check the surrounding before driving into it.