Mahindra Scorpio-N 4×4 gets stuck while offroading: Rescued by tractor [Video]

Mahindra has started the delivery of their all-new SUV Scorpio N. It was one of the most anticipated product from Mahindra this year and we have started seeing videos related to Scorpio N owners on the internet. Mahindra has started the delivery with the top-end Z8L 2WD and 4×4 variants. As part of the media drives, Mahindra did make journalists drive the Scorpio N 4×4 off-road to show off its capabilities and we were all surprised with the way, it performed with road biased tyres. Now that Mahindra has started the delivery, Scorpio N 4×4 owners themselves have started exploring the off-road capabilities of the SUV. Here we have one such video where a Scorpio N 4×4 owner took the SUV off-road and got stuck in mud.

The video has been uploaded by Arun Panwar on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger and his brother takes their brand new Scorpio N SUV to a mud track that passes through some farms. The track is deep in many sections and is very tricky. He can be heard saying that even tractor got in this spot. They have tried driving through the same road in a 2WD XUV700, Mahindra Thar in the past. XUV700 got stuck but, Mahindra Thar managed to conquer the off-roading section.

The vlogger makes his brother stand out on the side of the farm to record videos while, he drives the SUV. Vlogger mentions that, he was starting in 2WD to see how far the SUV can go. It is the 4×4 manual version. After driving for some distance, the SUV starts to loose traction and the rear wheels start spinning. The vlogger takes the car back in reverse and then clears the stretch while carrying momentum.

Mahindra Scorpio-N 4×4 gets stuck while offroading: Rescued by tractor [Video]

After clearing the first hurdle, they come to the second stretch. Here the amount of slush on the track was much more and the tracks were wider and deeper too. The road is surrounded by agricultural farms. The vlogger was not sure whether his SUV will be able to clear the stretch. He drives the SUV into the slush in 2WD and instantly regrets it. As he was carrying speed while entering the slush, the rear wheels started spinning freely. The wall of the tracks were so tall that, it did not allow the front wheel to come up. All this meant, the driver had to drive the SUV through the slushy track.

The vlogger then engages 4H and after doing that, the SUV started making progress. Soon the SUV got stuck in the mud and all the wheels were spinning freely. Vlogger took the SUV in reverse and attempted to drive through the obstacle. It made no difference and the SUV was now beached. The SUV not moving at all and they had to call a tractor to finally pull the Scorpio N out. Does this mean, Scorpio N is not a caapable SUV? No. There are multiple reasons why Scorpio N got stuck in this video. First of all, the track was extremely tricky and Scorpio N is a road biased SUV which comes with 4×4 function. It can do off-roading but, it is too extreme for it.

The SUV comes with road biased tyres which is a big no, if you are going for extreme off-roading. Other problem was the ground clearance. The track in which the Scorpio N was being driven is normally accessed by tractors. After regular usage, the tracks have become deeper and that is the reason why Scorpio N got beached. We are sure that Scorpio N would have performed well, if it had not got beached.