Mahindra Scorpio N 4×4 owner explains why he bought this SUV over Toyota Fortuner [Video]

Mahindra launched the Scorpio N in the market earlier this year. Just like Thar and XUV700, the Scorpio N also received an overwhelming response and it is now a very popular SUV in its segment. Just like many other Mahindra products, Scorpio N also has a long waiting period. It was only recently that Mahindra started the delivery of lower Z4 variants of Scorpio N. We have done a couple of articles where it shows how a Z4 variant is different from the top-end Z8 L model. Here we have a video where a Z8 L Scorpio N owner shares why he bought the SUV over a Toyota Fortuner SUV.

The video has been uploaded by KAUSHIK VLOGS on their YouTube channels. In this video, vlogger talks to the owner of a Scorpio N Z8 L 4×4 diesel manual SUV. The couple has been using the SUV for some time and they have also completed the first service for the SUV. They have done several long road trips to hill stations with the SUV and are very satisfied with this. The diesel manual 4×4 version of Scorpio cost him around Rs 26 lakh. The couple mentions that they have been driving the SUV for some time and the front and rear camera feature on the Scorpio N is a boon especially while driving through city traffic.

The wife drives the SUV in city and the husband takes care of driving duties on highways. The commanding driving position and the wide view of the front offer confidence to the driver and makes driving such a large SUV easier. They mention that they had planned to buy a 4×4 SUV and Fortuner was the obvious choice. When they saw the price of the SUV going up, they started looking for alternatives. When Mahindra launched Scorpio N in the market, the couple took a test drive and were instantly impressed with the car.

Mahindra Scorpio N 4×4 owner explains why he bought this SUV over Toyota Fortuner [Video]

If they had bought Fortuner, the owner would have had to apply for a loan and that would have been a burden on him in future. In this case, they could buy a proper 4×4 SUV for less than half the price of a top-end Fortuner. The owner was happy about the decision he made. He then starts talking about the things he liked and wants Mahindra to improve in future. He mentions that for a large SUV like Scorpio N, Mahindra should have offered 360-degree camera feature as it would make things more convenient while driving through busy roads.

He also can be seen complaining about the wheels. With top-end diesel automatic, Mahindra is offering 18 inch dual-tone alloy wheel while the manual version seen here only get 17 inch. The vlogger who is speaking to the owners of the Z8 L 4×4 Scorpio N is also a Scorpio Z4 model owners. He recently bought the SUV after selling his Tata Safari. The owner of the Scorpio N can be heard speaking about the service experience. They were not very satisfied with the service as some of the issues that were addressed by the owner are still there in the vehicle.