Mahindra Scorpio N 4×4 with 20 inch aftermarket wheels goes off-roading [video]

Mahindra Scorpio N is a popular SUV in the market and is the only SUV in this segment to offer 4×4. Depending on the variants you choose, the features on the all-new Scorpio differ. For example, the Z4 4×4 variant of the Scorpio N does not come with a MLD which is available in the higher variants. Deliveries for the Z4 variant has also started and some of them have opted for the 4×4 as well. We have seen videos of Z8 L 4×4 Scorpio N off-roading but here we have a z4 4×4 variant with 20-inch aftermarket alloy wheels going off-road.

The video has been uploaded by AUTOMOTIV17 on their YouTube channel. We have seen many off-roading videos of Scorpio N but, this is probably the first video of a Scorpio N with aftermarket wheels going off-road. The owner of this SUV has installed 20-inch aftermarket wheels. The SUV comes with 17 or 18 inch units from the factory. The owner wanted to check whether the Scorpio can still go off-road or not. He called couple of friends for this adventure and they all drove to the trail where they usually do off-roading.

The other SUVs in the video were a Mahindra Thar and Ford Endeavour 2.0 litre. The Thar and Endeavour have diff locks and that helps while off-roading. The first hurdle was a steep climb. The vlogger sat inside the Scorpio N and attempted to drive up. The surface was not even and he did not even engage 4×4. In first attempt, the rear wheels lost traction as the SUV was not carrying momentum. In the next attempt, the SUV simply drives up the climb without any major issues. The rear wheel did start losing traction towards the top but, it had enough momentum to carry on till the top.

Mahindra Scorpio N 4×4 with 20 inch aftermarket wheels goes off-roading

Next was the Ford Endeavour. The SUV comes with full-time 4WD which means, the system will send power to wheels whenever it senses that the wheels are losing traction or need more power. The SUV climbed up in the first attempt and Mahindra Thar also managed to climb up without any issues. After this, all three SUVs drown a narrow track. There were deep ruts on the tracks which meant, it was a good place to test the articulation. The wheels did go up in the air on all three SUVs at one point while coming down. After this, they took the SUV to another track which was a bit tougher.

There was a narrow track and a steep climb. Mahindra Scorpio N driver did not drive through the narrow track as he was worried about getting scratches on the body. This is a new SUV and the owner had not done PPF on the SUV. He took another track and managed to drive up after couple of trials. The track had lots of loose sand which was not letting the SUV go forward in 4L. The vlogger was very satisfied with the performance of Scorpio N and said at no point, did the wheels rub against the body of the Scorpio N during the off-road session. Other SUVs took the other track and climbed up without any issues.

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