1 Year Old Mahindra Scorpio N Parked Outside House Catches Fire: Live Video

Mahindra Scorpio N fire screenshot

Lately, we have been seeing a lot of reports related to issues customers have been facing with Mahindra cars. While some of these issues are resolved timely, there are others that have not ended well. In some cases, the customer’s vehicle has caught fire for unknown reasons. Here we have another incident from Arunachal Pradesh. A one-year-old Mahindra Scorpio N 4×4 SUV caught fire within minutes after the customer parked it outside his home.

The video has been shared by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel. In this video, the customer shared information related to the fire with the vlogger. The customer had bought the top-end Z8 L 4×4 version of Scorpio N a year ago. The owner, Mr. Pankaj, has driven the car for only 17,000 km as he remains outstation for work.

The customer told the vlogger that he has faced multiple issues with the vehicle ever since he bought it. He initially faced issues with the sunroof. After many delays, that issue was resolved. In the last year, the SUV has visited the authorized service center 5-6 times just to get one or the other issue resolved.

A month before this fire incident, the SUV was taken to the service center as the car’s battery had an issue. The service center replaced the battery and since then he had not faced any issues. On the day when the SUV caught fire, we can see the owner driving the SUV into the parking spot outside his house.

He parked the car and went in. Within minutes after the car was parked, we start seeing smoke coming from under the bonnet. The smoke soon became too thick, and some of the neighbors who spotted the smoke called the owner. By the time the owner came, the car had already caught fire. They somehow managed to douse the fire, but the damage was already done.

1 Year Old Mahindra Scorpio N Parked Outside House Catches Fire: Live Video
Mahindra Scorpio N fire

The customer mentioned that the AC on his one-year-old Mahindra Scorpio N had stopped working on that day, and he suspects it has something to do with the fire. The front of the car was completely damaged, and it is not in working condition anymore. The engine bay is completely burned down, including the wires and several pipes.

After the fire incident, the owner called the service center, and the dealership staff came for inspection. They visited a couple of times and even conducted video conferences with senior officials to get more clarity on this issue. They have now taken the car to the service center for a detailed inspection. The owner claims that the car had a manufacturing defect, and that was why he was facing multiple issues with the vehicle.

The insurance on this car had expired a few months ago, and the customer had forgotten to renew it. This means he cannot claim insurance on his vehicle for this fire incident. The customer claims that he has not installed any aftermarket electrical items on his car that would affect the performance or create any issues in the car’s functioning. All he had on his car was some chrome elements which he had installed from the dealership itself.

We really hope that the detailed inspection reveals the actual cause of the fire in the car, and the customer’s issue gets resolved. This is not the first time a Mahindra vehicle has caught fire like this. In March, we came across a case where a Mahindra Thar RWD which was only a few months old caught fire. Similarly, last year we saw an unfortunate incident where a Tata Safari parked in a garage in Punjab had caught fire.