Mahindra Scorpio-N Diesel 4X4 delivers 21 Kmpl: Extended review after 3,000 Kms of driving [Video]

The Mahindra Scorpio-N is easily one, if not the most, popular SUV currently on sale in India. There have been long waiting lines in dealerships for the models, and recently the car also became the subject of a ton of controversy with a YouTuber. However, despite it being fairly new, some people did manage to get it early on and have driven it long enough to give a longer-term review of the car. Recently, a video emphasizing the car’s positives and negatives has been uploaded on YouTube.

The extended and detailed review of the all-new Scorpio-N has been shared by The Car Guide – Rishabh Arora on their channel. The video started with the presenter giving a brief about all the things that he has done with the car in the last 3000 km, and has compiled the good and the bad of the SUV, and will be showing some of its features in great detail. Some of the most important points he stated in the video were as follows:

The car is easy to maneuver despite its size.

There is no denying that the size of the car is quite big, but driving it in the city is not a huge problem. The steering wheel is quite light and can be easily driven. He adds that the seating position on the Scorpio-N is also very good and gives a very commanding view and is on par with more expensive SUVs like the Ford Endeavour and Toyota Fortuner.

The suspension is solid.

The presenter states that maneuvering in the city is easy, and the ride on highways is also pretty good. The SUV feels planted and stable because of its suspension setup. It also does a good job of dampening noise and unwanted jerks. The ride is smooth, and the body roll at high speeds is also not a lot.

Has an amazing automatic transmission

Mahindra Scorpio-N Diesel 4X4 delivers 21 Kmpl: Extended review after 3,000 Kms of driving [Video]

Another important highlight of the SUV according to the reviewer was the automatic transmission of the car. He stated that the Shift by Cable technology used by Mahindra in the Scorpio-N works flawlessly. He added that the transmission makes no noise and is buttery smooth. Apart from the driver nobody in car could tell when the car shifts gears added the presenter.

Good Mileage

The presenter revealed that the car when was driven optimally easily gave a mileage of 18-19kmpl in his diesel automatic variant. At one point when he drove to bring out the absolute best mileage it even gave 21.1 kmpl as well however that was for very short duration. In the cities he stated that it gave consistent 12-13 kmpl mileage.

At last he mentioned a few more highlights like the boot space of the car. He stated that the car has decent boot space when the third row is folded down. He then added that if the second row gets folded the boot space increases to around 700 liters which is pretty massive. As for the seating comfort in third row he suggested that it is better suited for kids only and adults might feel cramped.

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