Mahindra Scorpio-N gets stuck in snow: Thar driver guides SUV out of snow [Video]

Exploring uncharted territories is the dream of every off-roading enthusiast and for this driving in treacherous conditions is unavoidable. Even if it was avoidable it is something that most enthusiasts tackle with their will to learn the capabilities of them as a driver and the capabilities of their cars. Vehicles like Gypsy, Thar, and other notable off-roaders are made for doing these things although now with the increasing popularity of off-roading SUVs like Scorpio and other luxury SUVs are also offering the coveted 4×4 systems. However, despite these systems, these cars can get stuck and in this video below something similar happened with a Mahindra Scorpio-N 4Xplor.

The video was uploaded by DCV Expeditions on their YouTube channel. The vlogger starts the video in his hotel room where he meets his friends and they discuss about the capabilities of the Suzuki Gypsy and then he comes out to the parking where he reveals that they all will be heading towards the top of the mountain to have lunch.

In the meantime, he starts his Mahindra Thar to warm it up and shows the red Mahindra Scorpio-N along with a modified white Maruti Suzuki Gypsy. He goes on to tell that he has never driven a Gypsy before and the test drive of this Gypsy will be a deciding factor in the purchase of new light off-roader. The vlogger tells that he is confused between the new Jimny and the Gypsy.

Mahindra Scorpio-N gets stuck in snow: Thar driver guides SUV out of snow [Video]

Following this they start their journey towards the restaurant located on top of the icy mountain. After the vlogger reaches a higher point he then shows the lineup of Gypsys and the Scorpio-N standing at the turn number 33 of the mountain. They then notice that the Scorpio-N is struggling to travel up the mountain at that turn and following this the presenter of the video helps the driver of the Scorpio-N in driving up the steep slope.

The vlogger directs the Scorpio-N driver via a walky talky. He tells the driver that let the car come down in reverse and then put the SUV in 4 high off-road mode and then tap the throttle without pushing it too much. The driver of the Scorpio-N does as recommended but ends up getting stuck once again. The vlogger then once again asks him to reverse the car and this he asks him to drive up the crushed ice on the side of the road to get some extra grip. He also suggests them to remove some extra air from the tyres to further increase the grip.

Following this the Scorpio-N driver reverses and parks and lets other drivers pass and one by one each of the Gypsys and one Force Gurkha cross the same path with ease. Finally after passing of all the vehicles the Scorpio-N also clears the path and reaches the top. The vlogger then tells that the reason its more icy on the turn 33 is because it gets very less sunlight and the Scorpio-N was the only vehicle to get stuck.

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