Mahindra Scorpio-N gets stuck in the desert – Locals to the rescue [Video]

We have all witnessed the rise in the popularity of SUVs in India in the last few years and with more interest in SUVs amongst buyers, there has also been a spike in the number of off-road enthusiasts as well. There is a decent number of 4X4 off-roader SUV options in the country right now and some of them are selling like crazy. One such new SUV which also gets the 4×4 option is Mahindra’s new Scorpio-N. Although most of the sales of this SUV come from the rear-wheel drive models. And despite this fact, some people still believe that they can go off-roading without the necessary 4×4 technology and features and what happens when they do stuff like this is shown in this video.

Recently a video on YouTube was uploaded by a channel KAUSHIK VLOGS. In this video, an all-new Black Scorpio-N can be seen beside a road gearing up to drive on the sand. The driver of the Scorpio-N then starts driving towards the sand and not even after going 150 meters away the vehicle gets stuck in the sand.

The funny part about this whole ordeal is that the vehicle got stuck in the sand and the normal tarmac was just 10 meters on the left. Following this the person recording the video goes towards the car and shows that the rear wheels of the SUV got stuck in the fine sand of what seems to be the deserts of Rajasthan.

The person behind the camera then reports that this RWD vehicle is not made for driving on the sand and now they will start attempting to bring out this vehicle of the sand. Moving on in the video we can then see that the family then asks the locals for help and these locals then start with the recovery.

Mahindra Scorpio-N gets stuck in the desert – Locals to the rescue [Video]

The people helping this family then try to remove some of the sand from under the tyres and then start pushing the vehicle with the person behind wheel giving it slight acceleration. And after struggling for a good few minutes of going back and forth and removing sand, the vehicle is finally recovered. After this whole fiasco the family then drives off. The driver of the Scorpio-N then gives advice that other people should not do what they just did.

From the video we can take a few notes that why people should not try something like this. First of all, everybody should know what their vehicle is designed for. For example if the driver is aware that his vehicle is not equipped with the 4×4 system they should not tackle alternate terrains. Secondly even if the vehicle is capable of going off-road but it is not equipped with proper and specific off-road tyres they should also avoid trailing in such terrains.

Lastly everyone should be aware that even if they have everything right they still can get stuck and should have a backup to pull them out. Luckily this family did not go far into the desert and were just beside a road where the local people could come to help them. Had they been in the more interior part of the desert the vehicle would have not come out this easily.

Utkarsh Deshmukh

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