Mahindra Scorpio-N hits Volkswagen Virtus parked on a flyover at 92 Kmph: Here’s the result [Video]

Virtus and Scorpio-N crash

A recent high-speed collision occurred between a Mahindra Scorpio-N and a Volkswagen Virtus on a flyover. This incident not only highlights the lack of road etiquette often observed among Indians but also draws attention to the recurring issue of airbag failure in Mahindra vehicles, a problem encountered by the occupants of the Scorpio-N as well. The driver of the Scorpio-N recounted the incident on T-BHP.

The collision took place on a flyover and was captured by the Scorpio-N’s dashboard camera. The video shows the Scorpio-N traveling at approximately 90 km/h and negotiating a curve on the flyover. Suddenly, the driver comes across a Volkswagen Virtus and a Tata Tiago parked in the middle of the road, occupying both lanes.

Due to the curve on the road, the Scorpio-N driver had limited visibility ahead. Consequently, he was unable to perceive that the cars were parked in the middle of the road and continued at the same speed. At the point of impact, the Scorpio-N was traveling at around 90 km/h, causing it to roll forward for a considerable distance. Also Read: 2024 Mahindra Scorpio N Z4 Diesel in a Walkaround Video

Mahindra Scorpio-N hits Volkswagen Virtus parked on a flyover at 92 Kmph: Here’s the result [Video]

The Tata Tiago then left the scene. The reason behind both cars being parked in the middle of the flyover remains unclear, though it’s possible they were engaged in an argument or preparing for a drag race. Parking in such a manner on a high-speed road in the middle of the night is extremely hazardous. Accidents of this nature can turn fatal and underscore the importance of gauging the movement of vehicles ahead when driving at high speeds. Also Read: Tata Tiago EV Get Updates For 2024: Prices Unchanged

Scorpio-N chassis bent and airbags did not open

Following the accident, the Scorpio-N was towed to the nearest Mahindra service centre. After an inspection, the service centre revealed that the vehicle’s chassis had sustained damage and would require replacement. Interestingly, the Scorpio-N is rated as a five-star vehicle based on a new chassis. However, safety crash tests don’t typically expose the vulnerability of a car’s chassis. The fact that the chassis was impacted in this accident could signify various things.

Another significant point is that the airbags did not deploy during this high-speed collision, revealing a significant flaw in the safety features of the Mahindra Scorpio-N. Given that it was a direct frontal collision, the car’s airbags should have activated to safeguard the occupants, who sustained minor injuries on his chest.

Both the cars involved in the accident hold five-star ratings., Both the vehicles underwent testing in accordance with the latest and more stringent regulations. Also Read: Best Mahindra Scorpio-N Variants Priced Rs 11-15 Lakh for Family-Focused Car Buyers