Mahindra Scorpio-N in a high-speed crash: All passengers include ex-MLA safe [Video]

Indian roads see a massive number of accidents every year. Here is an accidentof brand-new Mahindra Scorpio-N from Bihar that was caused by a biker. According to the details, an ex-MLA was travelling in the Scorpio-N who got saved even though the SUV turned over.

The accident happened on NH-77 when the politician was travelling with her staff and driver towards Sitamarhi, Bihar. A biker appeared in front of the vehicle suddenly. The driver had to swerve to save the biker, and that resulted in him losing control of the vehicle.  The SUV went on to hit a guard rail at a high-speed and toppled on its side.

While there is no information on the bike rider, the Scorpio-N saved all the in the vehicle. The pictures show the damaged guard rails. However, not many pictures of the Scorpio-N are available that can show the damage done to the vehicle.

Mahindra Scorpio-N in a high-speed crash: All passengers include ex-MLA safe [Video]

All the passengers travelling in the vehicle were safe and came out with minor injuries.

There have been numerous accidents of the new Mahindra Scorpio-N since its deliveries started. Another accident of the SUV shows the car hitting a railing on the bridge at high-speed. The railing failed to intrude the cabin of the vehicle and kept the passengers safe. There are not many details on this accident available though.

2023 Mahindra Scorpio-N has a Global NCAP 5-star safety rating

According to the latest round of crash tests conducted by Global NCAP, the all-new Mahindra Scorpio-N has achieved a five-star rating. The SUV underwent the new testing protocol and was awarded a perfect five-star score for adult safety and a three-star rating for child safety. With this achievement, the Mahindra Scorpio-N becomes the third SUV from Mahindra to receive the prestigious five-star safety rating.

As per the evaluation by Global N-CAP, the Mahindra Scorpio-N offers adequate protection for the necks of both the driver and passengers. However, the protection for their chests is deemed as marginal. The SUV performed exceptionally well in the side impact test with a deformable barrier, scoring 16 out of a possible 17 points. In the side pole impact test, the Scorpio-N received an OK rating, but the occupants’ chest region was found to be weak.

Global N-CAP also reported that the bodyshell and footwell of the new Mahindra Scorpio-N are stable, with the footwell area capable of handling additional loads.

The Global N-CAP has been conducting single front crash tests at a speed of 64 km/h to evaluate cars. However, the testing regulations have been updated, and side crash impacts are now included. Moreover, the front test criteria have become more stringent, with Global N-CAP adopting stricter measurements for calculating chest load readings on crash test dummies.

Under the new regulations, side impact tests are mandatory, and child dummies are now required. However, if a vehicle scores zero stars in the front crash test, Global N-CAP may not perform a side-impact test on the car. The latest crash test also considers the pole-side impact. Furthermore, pedestrian protection is compulsory for all new models, and manufacturers must obtain validation for either UN127 or GTR9 tests.