Mahindra Scorpio-N After 40,000 Kms: Long-Term Review [Video]

mahindra scorpio-n 40,000 kms long term review

When purchasing a new car, considering its long-term review and ownership experience is very crucial. These reviews give us an idea of how the car will perform over time. Today, we are going to cover a long-term review and ownership experience of the mighty Mahindra Scorpio N.

This long-term review of the Mahindra Scorpio N, owned by YouTuber World N Wheels, offers valuable insights for potential buyers considering this SUV. Let’s delve into the details of the review.

The video starts with a walkaround of the SUV, highlighting all the key features. The particular variant shown here is a top-of-the-line Scorpio N Z8L finished in a beautiful shade of black. The car has covered about 40,000 km and was bought in November 2022. Another thing to note is that this is a first-lot car. First-lot cars usually come with some issues, which are rectified by the company later.

The same has been highlighted in the video. YouTuber mentioned a clicking sound arising from the steering column upon turning. Mahindra failed to rectify the issue in a single visit, but on the second visit, the problem was resolved free of charge.

Mahindra Scorpio-N After 40,000 Kms: Long-Term Review [Video]

The SUV is powered by a 2.2-liter turbocharged diesel engine, pumping out 173 hp and 400 Nm of torque. A de-tuned version of the same engine powers the lower models of the SUV.

The other engine options is a 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine producing 203 hp and 380 Nm of torque. Both engines are paired with a 6-speed manual transmission or a 6-speed torque converter automatic transmission. A four-wheel-drive option is also available on select diesel variants. Owners have even begun fitting aftermarket CNG kits on the Mahindra Scorpio-N.


• The fully loaded SUV comes equipped with all the features from the company. Some key features of the Mahindra Scorpio N are a sunroof, an AdrenoX-enabled infotainment system, a fully digital instrument cluster, 18-inch alloy wheels, all LED setup, and much more.

• Exceptional braking performance as the car comes loaded with all four disc brakes

• Luxury interiors finished in a theme of tan and black

• An electric steering wheel that allows easier handling of the car. Overall, the steering feels very light and smooth.

• A well-tuned suspension setup, better than the competition.

• YouTuber also mentions that the SUV does not lack power; even the gear shifts are smooth.

• The car comes equipped with high-quality front and rear cameras with adaptive guidelines for added convenience. You can watch all four cameras (front, rear, and one on each side) on the infotainment screen.


• Occasional bugs and glitches can still be seen in the infotainment system.

• There are no AC vents on the 3rd row, and the practicality of the 3rd row is questionable.

• The service experience of Mahindra is still average. The YouTuber also mentions a scam where he paid a sum of Rs. 2,000 for tire rotation, which was not done.

• The brake pads of the SUV got worn out at 30,000 km. However, this highly depends on the driving style. The YouTuber also mentions that aftermarket disc pads are not available for the SUV, and it cost him a whopping Rs. 15,000 to replace them from Mahindra. In contrast, two Hyundai genuine disc pads cost him only Rs. 2,800.

Despite these drawbacks, the YouTuber expresses satisfaction with the overall ownership experience. Mahindra’s commitment to regular updates and addressing initial issues is seen as a positive sign.