Mahindra Scorpio-N: Most affordable base variant arrives at dealerships [Video]

Mahindra Scorpio-N Z2 base variant featured

The Mahindra Scorpio-N is one of the most recently launched products from the country’s largest SUV manufacturer, Mahindra. Ever since its launch, it has taken the entire country by storm. The SUV comes in various trims and offers a multitude of drivetrain options. One of the most popular variants of this car is its base Z2 variant, which has been long-awaited and has now finally started arriving at dealerships. Recently, a video walkaround of this popular base variant has been shared on YouTube.

The video of the base Z2 variant of the Mahindra Scorpio-N, finished in white, has been shared on YouTube by Sandeep Malik on their channel. The video starts off with the presenter mentioning that the competition between automakers in the country has increased a lot. For this reason, they are now offering a ton of great features even on their lowest-spec variants. The presenter then mentions that he has the petrol base Z2 variant of the Scorpio-N in front of him at the moment.

The presenter states that the Scorpio-N in front of him is equipped with a 2-liter petrol engine, which produces around 200 bhp and 370 Nm of torque. He adds that the price of this petrol variant is Rs 13.05 lakh. The vlogger starts off at the front of the SUV and mentions that the base Z2 variant gets the signature double-barrel headlights but does not have a projector light setup; instead, it gets standard halogen bulbs. He adds that there are no LED DRLs as well. The presenter mentions that the base variant also does not get fog lamps or chrome at the front. The front grille is finished in a matte black shade, but it does get piano black accents on the grille slats.

Mahindra Scorpio-N: Most affordable base variant arrives at dealerships [Video]

Moving on, he then shows the side profile of the car and states that the A and D pillars are finished in body color. Meanwhile, the B and C pillars are finished in matte black. The vlogger mentions that there are no chrome accents on the sides, and it gets matte black body claddings above the wheel arches. He further adds that the base model still gets a 17-inch wheel setup, but it does not come with alloy wheels. Instead, it gets silver steel wheels. There are no roof rails in the Z2 variant, adds the presenter.

He then moves on to the rear of the car and states that the base variant gets the same LED tail lamps as the top-spec variants but does not get a reverse parking camera. He states that it does manage to get four parking sensors. Moving on, he then shows the car from the inside and states that even the base variant comes fairly equipped on the inside. He states that the base model also gets the seven-seater arrangement, and the rear passengers get a 12V socket.

Following this, he then shows the middle row of the car and states that the space is ample, and no cost-cutting has been done in the safety aspect of the car. Moving on, the presenter shows the dashboard of the car and states that it does not feel like a base variant and gets all the creature comforts and amenities. He mentions that it gets a touchscreen infotainment system, manual AC, and an MID on the instrument cluster. He states that overall, the base Z2 variant of the Scorpio-N is a value-for-money variant.