Mahindra Scorpio N owner talks about 15 things he dislikes about his SUV [Video]

Mahindra has officially started the delivery of their all-new Scorpio N SUV across India. Along with reports of delivery, we have also started to come across reports about issues that various Mahindra Scorpio N users are facing with the vehicles. Scorpio N was one of the most anticipated products from Mahindra this year and it was so popular that Mahindra received over 1 lakh bookings within half an hour after they started bookings. People who have bought the new Scorpio N have started posting videos of their SUV online and here we have one such video where a Scorpio N owner talks about 15 things he did not like about the SUV.

The video has been uploaded by Arun Panwar on his YouTube channel. In this video, the owner talks about all the negative things, he has come across in brand new Scorpio N SUV. One of the first problem is the fit and finish. He shows a rubber beading between the bonnet and the front grille. It is not evenly placed and at one of the ends, the beading is even coming out from the bonnet. Next he shows that the roof liner in his Scorpio N is not evenly placed. Just like the beading outside, the roof liner is going not neatly pushed into the roof at many places. He also mentions that Mahindra dealership did not lock the cover of the seat belts on the SUV and the roof liner is already dirty.

He then moves to the next issue. He bought the top-end 4×4 manual version of Scorpio N and it comes with sunroof. The speakers in this SUV are mounted on the roof and if you open the sunroof, it leaves the backside of the speaker exposed. In case of a rain or a roof leak, the speakers would be the first thing to get damaged. Next thing he did not like in the Scorpio N is the design of the rear wiper. It is designed like a boomerang and it does not clear the rear windshield completely. He also mentions that Mahindra is not offering a dedicated button to control the rear AC vents.

Mahindra Scorpio N owner talks about 15 things he dislikes about his SUV [Video]

Next he talks about the clutch. He mentions the clutch is light but there is a lot of travel. Other than that, there is some noise from the clutch pedal when it pressed. Next problem is with the gear lever. The gear shifts are not very smooth and shifting between the gear requires a lot of effort. After this, he mentions that he is also facing problems while using the horn. The horn pad on the steering wheel is not installed properly. He also complains about the position of the 4×4 rotary knob. The car can switch from 2WD to 4WD while in motion. It will only engage 4H and not 4L.

Next thing he mentions in the video is the quality of the camera. He is not all satisfied with the quality of the camera Mahindra is offering with Scorpio N. He then points out the design flaw in the door pockets and bottle holders. The owner mentions that ergonomically, these are not the best. Next negative about the Scorpio N is the tail gate. It opens to the side rather than going up. This makes opening the door difficult, if you have other cars parked nearby. He also mentions that one cannot fold the third row seat, if the occupants have reclined the reclined the second row to its maximum.

Next he talks about the missing AC vent for third row passenger. He mentions that Mahindra should have offered an AC vent for third row occupants as it is a large SUV. Next he talks about the braking. He mentions that the body roll is well contained in this SUV but, if you apply brakes at high speeds, the whole car starts mving sideways. The SUV is not composed duirng highspeed braking. Last point he mentions in the video is about the steering wheel. He mentions that the steering wheels is too light even at high speeds and you don’t feel connected to the road.