Mahindra Scorpio-N owner faces locals’ anger after minor incident in Tamilnadu [Video]

Bikers riding recklessly on public roads are not a new phenomenon in India. The reckless riding nature of these bikers often leads to accidents on the road. We have seen several examples of this online. There have also been instances where bikers blame the other party for their fault and try to escape from the spot. Additionally, there are cases where these bikers try to shift the blame onto the other party when they find out that the person is from another state. Here, we have one such incident that recently took place in Tamil Nadu.

The video has been uploaded by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel. This accident took place in Tamil Nadu. The person who shared this video also has a YouTube channel where he shares his travels with his family in his Mahindra Scorpio N. In this video, the vlogger, his wife, and child were traveling to a temple in Tamil Nadu’s Salem. They were traversing a rural area with winding roads. The road was narrow, and the Scorpio N driver was honking at every corner as you never know what is coming from the other side.

The road was not very busy, and the driver was also maintaining a decent speed. In one of the turns, he pressed the horn as usual and proceeded to take the turn. As he was about to turn, he saw a biker coming towards his vehicle from the wrong side. There were two people on the bike. The Scorpio N driver applied the brakes immediately, and the biker turned the bike away from the car. However, he lost control, and both of them fell on the road. Both of them were locals and were not wearing helmets. Luckily, they did not crash into the SUV or sustain any injuries.

Mahindra Scorpio-N owner faces locals’ anger after minor incident in Tamilnadu [Video]
bikers arguing with Scorpio N driver

The Scorpio N driver stopped and looked at the bikers to see if they were fine. The bikers then stood up and started arguing with the SUV driver. The SUV driven in this video was registered in Tamil Nadu. The locals soon realized that the occupants in the car were not locals and started making a big deal out of it. The occupants were trying to convey that it was not their fault and that the biker was coming from the wrong side. However, the local bikers got furious and started arguing even more. They could not understand the language, which was a major issue here. This situation could actually happen to almost anyone who travels to other states. The locals even asked them to stop speaking in English and speak in Tamil.

The bikers were trying to blame the Scorpio N driver for the accident. However, he told them that he has video evidence showing that it was the biker’s fault. After a long argument, the locals left the spot. This probably happened because the locals realized that the dash cam recorded almost everything. If the dash cam were not present in the car, there is a possibility that the locals might have even asked for money and blamed the car driver for reckless driving. This video once again highlights how important a dash cam is in a situation like this.