Mahindra Scorpio N owner from Karnataka shares how Punjab police harassed him [Video]

Police in India manage to be in the news almost every day. We have come across both positive and negative news reports about the police in our country. Most of the reports criticize particular personnel or the force. There have been many incidents in the past where the cops have misbehaved with commuters and have also created inconvenience for them. Here we have one such video where a Mahindra Scorpio N from Karnataka shares how Punjab police harassed him while he was returning from Himachal in his car.

The video has been uploaded by Bulu Pattnaik on his YouTube channel. Vlogger and his friends were on their way back to Karnataka from Himachal Pradesh. They were passing through Punjab when couple of cops asked them to pull over. The vlogger’s friend stopped the SUV and once they stopped, one of the officer asked for documents like license, registration and pollution. Vlogger was confused as in why the cops stopped at first place. They produced all the documents and then one of the officer told them that they will have to pay fine for the sun shade that they have placed on the rear windows.

The cops told them that, they were asked to stop because of the same reason. The vlogger told them that, its is a temporary sun shade and is not a permanent set up like a sun film. The cop was not ready to listen and he said that they will have pay fine. The officer even said that he is going to write a challan and it does not matter, if he is going to record a video or not. The vlogger agreed pay the fine of Rs 1,000 and left the place. Vlogger did not argue with the officer because that would only make things worse. One of the officer can also be heard saying that they’ll impound the vehicle if needed.

The vlogger paid the fine and after leaving the spot, he starts explaining the whole thing. The vlogger says that the only reason why they were stopped was because the car was registered in another state. From the moment they entered Punjab, cops have stopped them several times just because of the Karnataka registration plate on the SUV. The sun shade for which they were fined was not even visible from a distance. It was there just to keep the sun away in the rear seat as the vlogger was sleeping. The sunshades were not blocking the view inside the car in any manner.

Mahindra Scorpio N owner from Karnataka shares how Punjab police harassed him [Video]

He even mentions that this particular officer was not looking at other vehicles which had many other illegal modifications like large alloy wheels and horns but, stopped their vehicle because of Karnataka registration. He says that this particular officer was rude and was not being reasonable. He did not stop the car after the driver violated any rule. They saw an outside Punjab vehicle and stopped them. Once they stopped, the officer started looking for things for which he can actually fine them. Initially he was even not ready to look into the documents that were saved in digi locker and asked for hard copies. We have come across several incidents of similar nature. Whenever cops find an outstation vehicle, they assume that they might have some illegal modifications in it.

The vlogger calls this as harassment and urges senior authorities to take necessary action so that other people visiting the state do not have to suffer. He also mentions that not all police officers are the same. They even spoke to a team of officers in Himachal Pradesh, who were very friendly and some of them even helped them in installing the snow chain on their Scorpio N 4×4.