Mahindra Scorpio N owner shares his experience with his new SUV [Video]

Mahindra Scorpio N has started reaching dealerships and deliveries of the same has also begun. By now, we have several videos of Scorpio N customers taking delivery and testing their vehicle both on and off the road. Like Thar and XUV700, Mahindra Scorpio N also has long waiting period. Depending on the variant you choose, the waiting period will go up to 2 years. Scorpio N owners are now coming forward and sharing their experience with the SUV. Here we have one such video where owner of a Z8L automatic 4×4 Scorpio N SUV shares his experience with the vehicle so far.

The video has been uploaded by NTT Cars on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger talks to the owner of a Mahindra Scorpio N 4×4 automatic SUV. The owner talks about the reasons why he chose Scorpio N and also talks about things that he liked and did not like in the SUV. The owner of the Scorpio N who is also a YouTuber wanted to own a proper 4×4 SUV. He booked the Scorpio N on the very first day when the bookings were open. That is why he managed to get a hold the vehicle so early. He had Toyota Fortuner and Jeep Meridian in his mind but, they were both extremely expensive.

Mahindra Scorpio N was a proper 4×4 SUV and it was offering the owner decent number of features too. He mentions that when compared to SUVs like Fortuner and Jeep Meridian, Scorpio N was more affordable. He wanted a 4×4 SUV and no other manufacturer was offering it at this price point. Tata Safari, Hyundai Alcazar are front wheel drive SUVs and that is reason why he did not buy them. The owner clearly mentions that the Scorpio N was meeting his requirements and that is reason why he bought it. Tata Safari is also a very intereting SUV to own and it offers more space and comfortable too.

Mahindra Scorpio N owner shares his experience with his new SUV [Video]

Scorpio N owner mentions that he has covered almost 1,000 km on the SUV after buying and he is enjoying the vehicle. He took the SUV for mild off-roading and camping and as of now, he is not regretting the choice. The suspension set up on Scorpio N has improved a lot when compared to Scorpio Classic. Except for the similarity in name, nothing else resembles with the old SUV. The body roll in the Scorpio N is under control and the new turbocharged engine is powerful too. Even at high speeds, the SUV is offering confidence and the outside noise is well insulated too.

He does admit that it is not the most comfortable SUV in the segment. The owner then talks about the things that he did not like in the SUV. He mentions that the third row is very cramped and he might remove the last row seats to open up more space in the boot. He also mentions that the fit and finish of the SUV is not the best. Other than this, he is also feels that the Scorpio N is not offering him a good fuel efficiency.