Mahindra Scorpio N owner spends Rs 7.5 lakh on fancy number & other modifications [Video]

Mahindra launched the Scorpio N in the market last year, and just like other SUVs from the brand, the Scorpio N quickly gained popularity among buyers. It now has a waiting period as long as two years, depending on the variant you choose. Being an all-new SUV, we have seen several videos and articles related to it since its launch. People who have bought the Scorpio N have also started modifying the SUV, and we have already seen a couple of examples. Here, we have a video featuring an owner of the Scorpio N Z4 variant, who has spent over Rs 7.5 lakh on a fancy number and other modifications.

The video has been uploaded by Tarun Vlogs3445 on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger interviews the owner of the Scorpio N to learn more about the modifications and other changes he has made to the vehicle. The owner mentions that the first thing he did after buying the Scorpio N was to purchase a fancy number. He acquired an old registration number, RSY 0017, for his Scorpio N. This differs from the regular registration numbers currently available for vehicles. The owner reveals that his vehicle is registered in Rajasthan, and he spent around Rs 6 lakh just on the registration number.

Afterward, the owner discusses his car collection. He mentions that this is not his first Scorpio. Prior to this, he owned three Scorpio Classics, and the only reason he bought the Scorpio N instead of the classic model was simply because he wanted something different. He felt that the Scorpio Classic was too basic and desired something more comfortable. Since purchasing the Scorpio N, he has been extremely satisfied with the space, power, and overall comfort. These aspects are mentioned multiple times by the owner in the video.

Mahindra Scorpio N owner spends Rs 7.5 lakh on fancy number & other modifications [Video]
Mahindra Scorpio N with aftermarket alloys

The Scorpio N featured in the video is the Z4 diesel automatic variant. The owner also has a Z8 L diesel variant in his garage. Apart from the fancy number plate, the owner spent almost 1 lakh on alloy wheels and tires. The stock 18-inch wheels were replaced with 20-inch aftermarket alloy wheels. The new alloy wheels have completely transformed the car’s appearance, giving it a more aggressive look. The owner mentions that the new alloy wheels have not affected the car’s performance, as he has managed to reach a speed of 190 kmph on an expressway.

The windows have been tinted (which is illegal, and we do not recommend it). Additionally, the owner has upgraded the headlamps and fog lamps. The rest of the car remains stock. The interior of this Scorpio N features a black and brown dual-tone theme. The car comes with a factory-installed touchscreen infotainment system and speaker system. The owner has only added an ambient light strip on the dashboard to achieve a premium look. It is evident from the video that the owner is extremely happy with the changes he has made, and he is thoroughly enjoying the car. In total, he has spent over Rs 7.5 lakh on modifications and the registration number of his Scorpio N.

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