Mahindra Scorpio-N Owner Details Ownership Experience After 30,000 Kms [Video]

mahindra scorpio-n 30000 kms ownership review

The Mahindra Scorpio N is  one of India’s most popular4 SUVs, and here we have a long term review of it from an owner. Long term reviews can be very useful, as potential buyers can learn from somene else’s experiences.

Long term reviews are done after a period of time and mostly these involve car owners who are actual customers. Long term reviews are necessary as test drive and reviews cannot give an idea of how the vehicle will perform over a period of time. These reviews provide a very simplified and clear image of the vehicle. So, it makes the car buying process much easier.

Today we are going to talk about long term ownership experience of Scorpio N which is done after 30,000 Kms. Let’s delve into the details. The review video is uploaded on YouTube by “Subodh The Wanderer.” The car in the video is Scorpio N Z8 in black color owned by the YouTuber himself. The car is driven around 34,000 Kms in 1 year which is a lot.

Mahindra Scorpio-N Owner Details Ownership Experience After 30,000 Kms [Video]

The video starts with the pros of the car which are as follows.


• Commanding View: The Scorpio-N’s high seating position provides excellent visibility and a sense of control on the road. This, coupled with ample ground clearance, enhances confidence while driving, particularly in off-road conditions.

• Climate Control: The air conditioning system effectively cools the cabin, ensuring a comfortable driving experience even in hot weather.

• Sound System: The factory-installed music system delivers high-quality audio, making journeys more enjoyable.


• Voice Assistant: The video highlights occasional issues with the Alexa voice assistant, particularly in areas with weak network connectivity.

• Seating Comfort: While the seats offer good overall comfort, the owner highlights the lack of ventilated seats. Cars much cheaper than the Scorpio N offer ventilated seats. Additionally, the driver’s seat could benefit from improved back and under-thigh support.

• Windshield Durability: The review mentions concerns regarding the windshield’s durability and he specifically mentions that it can break easily.

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Despite the mentioned shortcomings, the owner expresses overall satisfaction with the Scorpio-N. The YouTuber opted for the fully-loaded version to avoid the need for aftermarket modifications, as it already included all the desired features. Additionally, this specific variant was the only one that offered the 4×4 drivetrain paired with an automatic transmission

The review reports no major mechanical or electrical issues encountered during the ownership period. Additionally, the interior’s condition remains good, suggesting the use of quality materials by Mahindra.

As expected with a large SUV, fuel economy is not the car’s strongest suit. The owner reports an average highway mileage of 13-13.5 kmpl (9.4-9.1 mpg) and mentions the possibility of achieving over 14 kmpl (8.1 mpg) when maintaining speeds around 90-95 kmph (56-59 mph). City driving lowers the average to 10-11 kmpl (7.8-6.8 mpg).

Mahindra Scorpio-N 4X4 Off Road Test

The owner expresses satisfaction with the engine’s performance, praising its power and capability. He also commends the automatic transmission for its smooth operation and minimal lag.

This review provides valuable insights into the Mahindra Scorpio-N’s ownership experience, offering potential buyers a more comprehensive perspective beyond initial impressions. While these kind of reviews are very helpful, it is important to note that individual experiences may differ.