Mahindra Scorpio N petrol vs XUV700 diesel: Who will win in a drag race? [Video]

Mahindra launched the XUV700 last year and it became a runaway hit from the manufacturer. The SUV currently has waiting period of over an year and last month, Mahindra launched another anticipated product Scorpio N in the market. This is also expected to be another hit product from Mahindra as they have priced it quite competitively. The Scorpio N has started reaching dealerships and the bookings for the same have also started. Here we have a drag race video where petrol automatic competes with a top-end diesel automatic XUV700 in a drag race. Who would win the race? Let’s find out.

The video has been uploaded by Team Car Delight on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger starts by talking about how he has planned the race. Mahindra XUV700 seen here is the diesel automatic version and it comes with Zip, Zap and Zoom drive modes. This is not the AWD version. The race would be conducted in three rounds and in each round, the drive modes in XUV700 will be changed.

The Scorpio N seen here is the petrol automatic version and it does not come with any drive modes. On paper, Mahindra Scorpio N is a lot more powerful than that of the XUV700 but, it generates less torque. Vlogger is driving the XUV700 while his friend is in the Mahindra Scorpio N. AC is switched off for all the rounds. Both the SUVs are lined up for the race and the XUV700 is in Zoom mode in which the SUV is most powerful. The race started and XUV700 and instantly, XUV takes the lead. Scorpio N is a bit slow to move off the line.

Mahindra Scorpio N petrol vs XUV700 diesel: Who will win in a drag race? [Video]

All the torque is available to XUV700 from lower RPM and it quickly moved ahead and maintained the lead throughout the race. In the next round, the XUV700 is put into the least powerful mode Zip. the race starts and this time, Scorpio N has the advantage. The SUV just moves off the line quickly and takes the lead. The power delivery in XUV becomes a lot more linear and by the time it gained speed, Scorpio N was way ahead in the race. Mahindra Scorpio N maintained the lead in the second round and managed to win it.

For the third round, both the SUVs lined up and the XUV700 was put into the Zap mode which is the normal mode. This mode offers decent power and also returns good fuel efficiency. The race started and Scorpio N moved off the line quickly. It looked like XUV700 was going to lose this round as well. Surprisingly, after couple of metres, the XUV700 started showing its true colour and unleashed all the power. The XUV700 soon overtakes Scorpio and the XUV700 won the race by a very small margin. Mahindra XUV700 was announced as the winner of the drag race as it won two rounds. XUV700 is more eager to move off the line when compared to Scorpio N. The experience of the driver is also a factor in such races.