Mahindra Scorpio N, Thar & Toyota Fortuner go off-roading in snow [Video]

Off-roading is an activity where SUVs are driven through rough and challenging terrains. In most cases, the SUV driven in such conditions are well-equipped and are proper 4×4 SUVs. There are several SUV owners group in India that are now organising such trips where people get to know the capabilities of their vehicles. We have seen several videos of similar nature on the internet and some of them have been featured on our website. Here we have a video where a Mahindra Scorpio N, old and new gen Mahindra Thar and Toyota Fortuner SUV are seen going off-road in snow.

The video has been uploaded by JK Autos on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger and his friends were going on an off-road adventure in the mountains. As you know, it is winter in North India and many mountain places have been experiencing heavy snowfall. The group went out to drive the SUVs in snow. The group had 4×4 SUVs like Mahindra Thar (both old and current generation), Toyota Fortuner and a Scorpio N 4×4 SUV. The first SUV to attempt the snowy stretch was a modified old-gen Thar. The SUV had snow chains on the rear wheels and the driver simply drove the SUV through the snow.

The section on which the SUVs were being driven was actually a hill covered in snow. The next car to attempt the climb was Mahindra Scorpio N. It is a stock SUV and the driver carefully drove the SUV up. After reaching a certain point, the wheels started spinning and Scorpio N was not going forward. The driver then attempted to drive the SUV down in reverse which did not end well. As we know, snow is one of the trickiest surfaces on which a car can be driven. As the SUV was coming down, the Scorpio N driver applied the brakes and that meant, the whole SUV started slipping down.

Mahindra Scorpio N, Thar & Toyota Fortuner go off-roading in snow [Video]

There was a Mahindra Thar behind the Scorpio N but, surprisingly the Thar driver managed to avoid a crash. The Scorpio N driver finally managed to get the SUV back on the road but, vlogger can be heard saying that one of the rear wheels on the SUV was locked and the SUV was not moving forward. After Scorpio N, several Mahindra Thar SUVs climbed up the stretch without any issues. Many of them were modified and some of them were stock. Then came the Toyota Fortuner SUV in its stock form. The driver managed to drive the SUV up without any major issues but, after a point, the rear wheels on the SUV lost traction and slipped away from the track.

Once again, the driver applied brakes and the car was coming down with its wheels locked. One of the main reason why Mahindra Scorpio N and Toyota Fortuner could not perform well in the snow was because of the wheels. They were both using HT tyres which are not suitable for off-roading. They even had a Thar with massive aftermarket wheels but, it was running on AT tyres and due to this it could not perform well. SUVs going off-road should at least have AT tyres and they should also carry snow chains for better traction in the snow.