Mahindra Scorpio-N: Lower Variants Affordably Transformed Into Higher Variants [Video]

mahindra scorpio-n base to top modification

In the past, we have covered multiple modifications of the Scorpio N ranging from base to top conversions to off-road focused modifications. Today, we will talk about a base Z2 trim Scorpio N which is minimally modified and a mid-spec Z6 trim whose interior has been upgraded. Both of these SUVs are modified by VIG Auto Accessories and showcased on YouTube by them.

The video starts with a wholesome moment with the owner of the SUV. He talks about the reason why he chose the base Z2 trim of the Scorpio N. The owner mentions that he has seen multiple videos of VIG Auto Accessories on YouTube and he loved their quality of work. Due to this, the owner drove the car to the workshop in Mumbai after the pooja ceremony. This also highlights how social media can help you with your business.

Now, let’s talk about the changes done to the car. As mentioned earlier, two cars are covered in this video: Z6 and Z2. First, we will talk about the Z6 trim. The most impactful change done to this SUV is its alloy wheels. The car is fitted with Mahindra genuine 18-inch alloy wheels which are offered in the higher variants of the SUV.

Multiple OEM chrome elements are added which includes waistline chrome, C-pillar chrome and the upper lip chrome of front grille. Other additions include rain visors with chrome elements, Mahindra genuine fog lamps with DRLs and halogen to LED conversion of headlamps.

The theme of the interior has been changed from tan and black to Champagne Gold and black. Please note that the Z6 variant of the Scorpio N is not offered with sot-touch materials.

Mahindra Scorpio-N: Lower Variants Affordably Transformed Into Higher Variants [Video]

The cabin of the car is covered with champagne gold leather at multiple places including the door pads, door arm rests, dashboard, horn pad, steering wheel, armrest and the front leg rest. A glossy black interior styling kit has also been added which complements the overall theme.

To add to the premium-ness of the cabin, active ambient lighting has been added to all four doors and the dashboard. Additional fittings include 7D mats and seat covers following the same theme of champagne gold and black.

Now, let’s talk about the second car which is the Z2 trim. Starting with the front fascia, Mahindra genuine fog lights with DRLs, chrome elements on the grille and upper grille chrome element are added. The headlights are kept stock but the halogen bulbs are upgraded to LEDs.

Similar to the Z6 variant we talked about earlier, this car is fitted with waistline chrome, C-pillar chrome and rain visors with chrome elements. Additionally, roof rails, silver body cladding and footsteps are also installed. This SUV is fitted with 17-inch alloy wheels which are also Mahindra genuine. The host states that there is no need to change the tire if 17-inch alloys are installed.

The cabin of this car is kept simple with the only changes being active ambient lighting, seat covers and the glossy black interior styling kit. Leather work is not done in this car. Reverse parking camera, which is not offered by company in this variant, is also added.