Mahindra Scorpio-N’s sunroof starts leaking under waterfall [Video]

Sunroof is one of the most misused features in the Indian market. Many serious injuries have been reported due to the wrong use of the sunroofs in the past but similar incidents keep on happening. Sunroofs are not like solid roofs and need special attention and maintenance too. Here is an incident with Mahindra Scorpio-N’s sunroof that will leave you in shock.

Mahindra’s latest all-new vehicle – the Scorpio-N in the Indian market has become quite popular in the Indian market. With the deliveries in full swing, there is a long waiting period for the new SUV. Nonetheless, excited owners are doing various things with the new car and here is one incident by Arun Pawar, which shows how dangerous it can be to not take care of a car with a sunroof.

The video shows the owner of the car parking it under a natural waterfall in the mountains. Within seconds, the water starts leaking inside the cabin. The water even flows down from the speaker grilles and it becomes a mess within a few seconds. Arun Pawar quickly takes the car out of the waterfall.

What happened here?

The high pressure of the waterfall caused the seals of the sunroof to break. The water started flowing in with full force and also got into the wiring channels of the car. Which is why you can see the water flowing through the roof speaker grilles.

While there is no update on what happened afterwards, such forceful intrusion of water in the cabin can cause an electrical short circuit and can even cause a fire. In day-to-day life situations, the car does not face such heavy pressure of water. Maybe this is why Mahidnra did not design the seals in a way that can handle such pressures.

However, it is not recommended to take vehicles under such waterfalls. Such streams of water can carry small stones that can crack the sunroof and even damage the vehicle’s roof. It is not advised to take your vehicle to such waterfalls in any way.

But there are cars that can withstand such waterfalls. In the past, videos of many vehicles including the Hyundai Creta show that vehicles can handle such waterfalls without a problem. It can be a one-off case for the Mahindra Scorpio-N as well.

What is the right use of a sunroof then?

The sunroofs used to be a feature of luxury cars only a few years ago. Now, many affordable vehicles in India offer sunroofs. While the sunroof looks great and increases the aesthetic value of the vehicle, they are a great way to let the fresh air in.

Keeping the windows open at high speed can cause the air to directly hit your eyes, which may cause problems. The sunroof is designed to recycle the air without much wind disturbance. However, most people use the opening to stand out from the vehicle. This is extremely dangerous, especially for children. Sudden use of the brake may throw them out. Also, debris like small stones from other vehicles may hit them and cause injuries. Electric wires also pose a grave threat to such people hanging out the roof.