Mahindra Scorpio or new XUV500: Which one suits you?

It’s a tough choice for many buyers when they walk into a Mahindra showroom – Should they pick up an XUV500 or a Mahindra Scorpio?

The prices, now, aren’t very different and neither is there too much missing by way of features. The Mahindra Scorpio comes in nine variants with prices ranging between Rs. 8.72 lakh and Rs. 13.50 lakh ex-showroom Delhi. The Mahindra XUV500 comes in five variants (including a limited edition) priced between Rs. 11.21 lakh and Rs. 15.06 lakh ex-showroom Delhi.

So it comes down to the purpose of these two SUVs and how they would suit different types of buyers.

Who should opt for the Mahindra Scorpio

Reasons to buy: Off-road ability, road presence, value for money

Reasons not to buy: Not spacious enough, average handling, crude design at parts

Mahindra Scorpio or new XUV500: Which one suits you?

The new Mahindra Scorpio has been improved and refined quite a bit, while more features such as automatic climate control, automatic lights, GPS navigation and cruise control have been added to the top-end variants making them pretty good value for money options. If you think the Mahindra Scorpio will suit your needs, you probably are someone who:

  • Wants a vehicle for bad roads. The Mahindra Scorpio may have only 180 mm of ground clearance (measured at the differential), while actually the rest of the vehicle is over 200 mm off the ground. It has a strong ladder-frame chassis, robust independent front suspension and multi-link rear suspension that can take quite bashing on bad roads.
  • Wants a vehicle with real 4×4 capability. The S10 and S4 Plus variants of the Mahindra Scorpio come with part-time electric shift-on-the-fly four wheel drive options, with a 4L or low range mode that is useful when doing extreme off-roading such as for rock climbing, steep ascents and descents or getting through sticky stuff.
  • Wants a vehicle that is imposing. The Mahindra Scorpio has got tremendous road presence. If you want a vehicle that looks mean and purposeful, this one has got it. Nobody will mess with you on the road.
  • Wants maximum bang for the buck. The Mahindra Scorpio, with all the feature additions is now pretty good value for money when compared to the XUV500 or even rivals such as the Tata Safari Storme. Automatic climate control, two airbags, ABS, alloys, bending lights, automatic lights, cruise control, GPS navigation, etc are all part of the feature list on the top-end variant.

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Who should opt for the Mahindra XUV500

Reasons to buy: Comfort and space, better power, ride and handling, extensive feature list

Reasons not to buy: Not rugged enough, delicate electronics

Mahindra Scorpio or new XUV500: Which one suits you?

The Mahindra XUV500 has just been given a facelift, which hasn’t really done much to change the overall design. In terms of road presence, it’s still not as mean as the Scorpio, but it is definitely a much better vehicle in terms of power, ride and handling. And if you simply love features, the XUV500 has an even longer list than the Mahindra Scorpio. If you think the Mahindra XUV500 will suit your needs, you are someone who:

  • Loves style. The cuts and curves of the XUV500 have a certain flamboyance about them. The vehicle has a cheetah-inspired design that makes it stand out among other cars.
  • Wants space for seven people. The XUV500 has all three forward facing rows with more legroom than the Scorpio offers. It can be used to ferry around seven people in relative comfort, although it’s best suited for five plus luggage.
  • Wants good road manners. The XUV500 has an all-round independent suspension set up and a monocoque chassis that is much better suited to high speed driving. There is not much body roll as compared to the Scorpio and it can easily corner at much higher speeds without things getting out of control.
  • Wants more power. The Mahindra Scorpio and the XUV500 share the same engine – a 2.2 litre four-cylinder diesel engine, but they are completely different in the way they are installed and tuned. The XUV500 puts out 140 bhp of power and 330 Nm of torque compared to 120 bhp / 280 Nm on the Scorpio. The XUV500 has a six-speed gearbox driving the front-wheels primarily (all-four in the AWD), while the Scorpio has a five-speed gearbox driving the rear wheels (or all four in the 4WD variant).
  • Won’t compromise on features. The top-end W8 variant of the XUV500 comes with six airbags, traction control, leather upholstery and more storage spaces in the cabin compared to the top-end Scorpio S10. It also has the option of a powered driver’s seat and sun-roof on the limited edition model.

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If you had to pick between the Mahindra Scorpio and the XUV500, which one would you choose? Let us know in the comments below.