Mahindra Scorpio owner posing as fake ACP arrested, SUV seized [Video]

The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in India has claimed numerous lives. Even though the central government did not put a country-wide lockdown in India this time, the state governments and authorities did the lockdown and imposed curfews to curtail the virus. Still, there are many who made different kinds of excuses to come out of their homes. The police and local authorities are keeping a high vigilance on anyone breaking the COVID-19 protocols and have arrested thousands and seized numerous vehicles. Here is one more such case from Hyderabad, Telangana.

The incident was recorded on video. It shows a police barricade doing routine checking of the motorists passing through. They stop a Mahindra Scorpio with tinted windows and the person inside the vehicle announces that he is the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) and showed an ID card too.

The senior police officer present at the checkpoint figured out that it is a fake ID and asked the person to step out of the vehicle. The person first said that he is from the press and the ID card belongs to his father. When the cops searched inside his wallet, they found more fake ID cards from various different departments.

Scorpio seized, owner arrested

Mahindra Scorpio owner posing as fake ACP arrested, SUV seized [Video]

The video does not talk about the identity of the man. However, the cops asked him to park the vehicle on the side of the road and they seized the SUV. They also filed a case against the person for posing as a government authority and took him into custody. He will be presented in front of a district magistrate for arrest orders and further custody.

There are thousands of vehicles getting seized every single day in India. The police forces are not even sparing high-end luxury cars and many of them have been seized too. In Bangalore, Karnataka, the police have decided to release 10,000 vehicles that were seized in the lockdown as they are running out of space to park these vehicles. The cops have decided to impose a fine and release the vehicles to make space for new ones.

Hyderabad Police in action

Earlier this week, stricter lockdown rules were imposed across Hyderabad City to bring down the number of COVID-19 cases. The cops started seizing vehicles of anyone who came out without a valid reason. The police have also started taking the violators to the isolation centres for a few hours on the pretext of counselling.

The Hyderabad Police have started filling trucks with violators and then take them to the isolation centres in the district. While many are complaining that they can get infected, the cops have said that the new strategy is working and fewer people have started to come out of the homes. They paused the drive for a couple of days but will restart taking violators to the isolation centres from today.