Mahindra Scorpio owner with gun makes reels on Mumbai-Nagpur Expressway: Driver arrested

A Maharashtra man was arrested from the Mumbai-Nagpur highway after his reel became viral on the Internet. The police arrested the man who used a Mahindra Scorpio Classic to make videos on a newly inaugurated expressway.

The man had used a gun in the video. After the video became viral on the Internet, police traced him through the registration number of the Mahindra Scorpio and detained him. However, they found out later that the gun used in the video was a toy gun. The man told the police that the gun used in the video is fake. After hours of questioning, he told the police that he used special effects to make it appear real.

The social media video was filmed at the Samruddhi Mahamarg, which is a new project that connects Mumbai and Nagpur. The first phase of the expressway, connecting Nagpur and Shirdi was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on December 11. The reel was posted on December 14 in front of a tunnel on the expressway. Initially, only the Mahindra Scorpio was visible after which the man came out and used the shotgun with a theme playing in the background.

As soon as the video became viral, the police registered a case and started a search. They traced the registration number to Chandakanth Gaikwad. The police seized the Scorpio and detained the person. Gaikwad took the help of a friend to add special effects and make the gun appear real.

No charges were formally registered against Gaikwad.

Video surveillance has become common

Mahindra Scorpio owner with gun makes reels on Mumbai-Nagpur Expressway: Driver arrested

Most police teams now constantly monitor the Internet for such videos. With the dedicated teams working on such videos, it sure becomes a task to escape the cops when you do such acts that look illegal. Metropolitan cities now have a network of CCTV that is closely monitored by a team of police personnel. The cops issue challan based on the violation by tracking the registration number.

In recent times, the government and the authorities have worked to increase the challan amount. The increase in the fines is to reduce the number of violations and to make the roads safer.

India has one of the highest road accidents in the world and one of the highest ratios of fatal accidents. Many road users lose their lives due to rash driving and not following traffic rules. The aim of the surveillance is to reduce the number of people who do dangerous manoeuvres on the roads. The video shows the man standing in the middle of the road. We are not sure if he got a challan for the same.

In the past, we have seen many such incidents due to content creators parking in dangerous positions on highways and public roads.