Mahindra Scorpio pop-out LED bar: How it is installed [Video]

Mahindra Scorpio has been one of the most popular SUV from Indian SUV manufacturer. It was one of those vehicles that had set a trend in the market for such SUVs. It was available with 4×4 option but, that is now discontinued in the BS6 version. We have seen several unique looking modifications on the Scorpio in the past and we have even featured some of them on our website. Here we have a video where a vlogger shows how he installed an LED bar light that actually pops out from the front grille on his Scorpio.

The video has been uploaded by AB Ventures on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger explains the complete process of how he customised the LED light bar and came up with a pop-out LED bar that comes from the front grille. The vlogger initially shows all the things that he was going to use for it. He bought a 13 inch Hella LED light bar online and sourced other items like channel slider and an old wiper motor and so on.

The vlogger starts by removing the front grille. There is enough space between the radiator and front grille to neatly install the light bar. The reason why the vlogger chose to hide the light bar is because, if he installs the light normally, there is a chance that someone might steal it from the parking lot. Second reason why he installed it like that is because it looks cool. After removing the front grille, vlogger takes measurement to make sure that the sliding channels can be easily placed.

Mahindra Scorpio pop-out LED bar: How it is installed [Video]

There are two metal strips in front of the radiator. Vlogger removes it and welds a piece of metal and the sliding channels on it. The metal holds the weight of the wiper motors which controls the LED light bar. The bracket which came with the LED bar were not suitable for vlogger’s project. He cut those brackets into half and then welded them back to another piece that is attached on the sliding channels.

After this, the wiring work was done. He uses three relays, wires and a circuit limiter. The wiring was done in a way that the light bar comes out when the light is turned On and goes back when the light is turned Off. He then moves to the front grille to make final modifications. The grille had to be cut to make a flap that will light when the light comes out and closes when it is turned off. He had cut the grille in the shape of LED bar and then attached a metal piece that would act like a hinge with spring action.

Overall, the work looks pretty neat and this is probably the first time that we have seen a modification of this sort in our country. These lights are very bright and are a distraction on roads at night. vlogger warns that no one should be using these lights on road and it will completely blind the person coming from the opposite direction. These lights are useful in remote areas where the roads are not properly lit and have lot of pot holes too.