Watch Scorpio, Fortuner, Endeavour, V-Cross & Gypsy go off-roading [Video]

Off-roading as a sport is still finding it’s grip in India. There are very few people or groups who take their capable machines out for such expeditions very often. One such group is Northern Overlanders. These are a bunch of off-road enthusiasts lead by Anshuman Bishnoi who himself is an experienced off-road enthusiast from National Capital region. This time around Mahindra Scorpio, last generation Toyota Fortuner, Old and New gen Ford Endeavour, Maruti Gypsy and Isuzu D-Max V-Cross try off-roading.

The video has been uploaded by Anshuman Bishnoi on his Youtube channel. The video show how different vehicles perform under different sections of the course. The video starts by showing the latest generation Ford Endeavour climbing a section with pits on both sides of the track. The SUV climbs the section effortlessly.

Next in the line was the Mahindra Scorpio which tried many times climbing but kept on getting stuck. After Scorpio, Maruti Gypsy did the same incline and after couple of tries it made it to the top. The Gypsy is light, and this ensures that despite it being relatively under-powered, it manages to scale obstacles.

Watch Scorpio, Fortuner, Endeavour, V-Cross & Gypsy go off-roading [Video]

The old-gen Ford Endeavour and the Isuzu V-Cross climb the section without any drama and then finally the Scorpio made it’s way up the climb. Then they move to the next section where the Endeavour, Isuzu, Gypsy, Scorpio, Fortuner all cross it eventually. One of the vehicles that kept on getting stuck through out was the Mahindra Scorpio and there are multiple reason behind it.

  1. The Mahindra is a heavy vehicle and compared to other vehicles like Ford Endeavour and Toyota Fortuner in the group, it is not that powerful and the suspension set up is also different.
  2. The suspension is on the softer side due to which it keeps on digging in to the obstacles every time it hits them. Unlike other SUVs in the group, the Mahindra Scorpio lacked in some off-road aids like differential lock which helped other SUVs cross many obstacles in a single try.
  3. With some modifications, the Mahindra Scorpio 4X4 can also be built into a competent off-road vehicle.

It is always recommended to go out for such activities in group only. The possibilities of car getting stuck in such activities are pretty high and without proper equipment of back up vehicle the person can get stranded. Also, carrying the right recovery equipment and knowing the right recovery techniques are critical to go off-roading safely.