2.5 ton Mahindra Scorpio gets stuck: Indian Army Jawans ‘LIFT’ it out! [Video]

Mahindra Scorpio Army Lift Featured

The Mahindra Scorpio’s sturdiness needs to introduction. The tank-like build quality of the SUV is also one of the many reasons behind its success. The rugged Mahindra Scorpio is the first choice of many who want a vehicle that does not give up easily. However, all these things also increase the weight of the vehicle. The Mahindra Scorpio weighs around 2,510 kg and here is a video that shows Army jawans literally lifting up a stuck Scorpio.

The video uploaded by Manipur Nagaland shows a Mahindra Scorpio stuck on the road. It seems like a commercially registered Scorpio and is badly stuck on a pavement. The tyres of the left-hand side of the Scorpio seems to be off the pavement, which is why the vehicle cannot move. Also, this is not a 4X4 Scorpio but a more humble 4X2 version of the SUV.

The Army personnel surrounding the vehicle can be seen helping the vehicle to come out. The group first lift the vehicle from the rear-end. A total of ten personnel can be seen in the video lifting the vehicle from the rear. They lift the vehicle and slide it back on the pavement. Then they go to mend the front-end of the vehicle. The same number of soldiers try to lift up the vehicle from the front. However, the engine of the Scorpio is located in the front, which makes much heavier from the front than the rear. This is the reason they can be seen struggling at first to lift up the vehicle.

However, after several tries, the soldiers successfully lift up the vehicle’s front-end too and bring all the tyres on the pavement. The video concluded with all smiles and happiness.

It took as many as ten army soldiers to successfully bring back the vehicle to the pavement. In most of such cases, big towing cranes have to be called to recover the vehicles. However, the army soldiers did the job within minutes. The whole video is around 3 minutes long, which is the time taken by the army group to recover the vehicle.

2.5 ton Mahindra Scorpio gets stuck: Indian Army Jawans ‘LIFT’ it out! [Video]

It should be noted that while recovering the vehicle in a similar manner, no one should hold the vehicle from vulnerable points like the bumper of the vehicle. With such strength, the bumper can come out of the body. Only strong points of the vehicle should be used while doing recoveries in such manner. This also stands true when pushing the vehicle. People should never push the windshield or the bumper of the vehicle. Instead, the metal vehicle of the vehicle should be pushed. The Mahindra Scorpio is a ladder-on-frame vehicle that makes it very rugged and strong. It also makes the vehicle much more capable on off-road tracks.