Mahindra Scorpio gets STUCK, Tata Tiago sails through: We explain! [Video]

We Indians are obsessed with SUVs and it is one of the most popular segment of cars sold in the country. They come in different shaped and sizes and most of the manufacturers have their presence in this segment. The SUV are known for their butch looks, high ground clearance and are capable of handling things off-road as well. Even though SUVs look tough and are meant to handle bad patches of road at ease, there are certain situations where SUVs may find it difficult to get out. Here we have one such video that shows a Mahindra Scorpio getting stuck at an inclined place.

The video has been uploaded by One Living Life on his youtube channel. The video starts by showing a broken patch of road in Arunachal Pradesh. The vlogger was on his way from Parashuram Kund to Walong Town which is the easternmost town of the country. The roads in this region look very bad with loose rocks all over the place.

The vlogger was travelling in a Tata Tiago hatchback, and a Mahindra Scorpio was following behind.  The vlogger stands on the road, waiting for the cars to arrive, and in the meantime there are trucks and other vehicles coming down the loose, steep section. The cars then come in sight and the Tiago is the first car trying to drive up. The vlogger  worries about Tiago’s ground clearance and thinks that it might hit some of the rocks on its way up.Mahindra Scorpio gets STUCK, Tata Tiago sails through: We explain! [Video]

Surprisingly, nothing like that happens and the Tiago came up the steep section without any drama. The Scorpio that was right behind the Tiago loses grip just as it is about to climb up, and he rear wheels lost started spinning. The Scorpio is not able to climb the section in one go. The drivers reverses the car to certain point and then comes up with a bit more momentum to finally climb up the section.

Why did that happen?. First reason, is obviously the weight. The Tiago in comparison to Scorpio is a much lighter car and that makes it easier to be handled in such tricky situations. Another reason is that Tiago is a front wheel drive car whereas the Scorpio is a rear wheel driven car. In Tiago, the engine is in the front and the weight of the engine on the front axle helps the car by providing extra grip. In Scorpio, if the car is not loaded up there is a possibility that the car might lose grip at such tricky situations.

This is one of the reasons why we see lot of small cars like Maruti 800’s and Altos in hill stations. The Scorpio is not a less capable car by any means. If it had enough load inside the car, putting more weight on the rear axle, the Scorpio would have also climbed up the section in the first try itself.