7-year old child driving a Mahindra Scorpio SUV is exactly you DON’T want your kids to do [video]

In India, the legal age for getting a driver’s license is 18. However, there have been several cases in the past where underage driver’s and rider’s have been caught by the police. This is quite a common sight in India as many children do the same with their parents’ permission. Here is an old video of a 7-year old child who is seen driving a Mahindra Scorpio SUV on public road. Bear in mind that this is blatantly illegal, and the parents can be jailed for allowing under-aged kids to drive/ride motor vehicles.

The video has been uploaded by Sanatana Dharma on their youtube channel. The video starts by showing a child with the ignition key to the car in his hand. The person who is recording the video is standing outside with other spectators. The people who are standing outside can be heard asking the vlogger to get into the car with the child. The vlogger who initially said no, finally sat with the child.

The 7-year old kid drives the car backwards and takes it outside the parking lot. From the video, the registration plate of the Scorpio is very clearly seen. The person who is recording the video then gets into the car and the child starts driving it ahead. He is driving it confidently and at no point it felt like he was struggling. As the child is only 7 years old, he is not tall and what that means is that his foot won’t reach the accelerator, brake or clutch pedal if he sits like an adult. He has pulled the seat all the way to the front so that he can have a good look of the road and can also reach the pedals.

This is also the reason why the child is not wearing a seat belt. If he wears the seat belt then he can’t reach the steering wheel and pedals. This is quite dangerous especially considering the fact that the car he is driving is a Mahindra Scorpio which is a huge car on public roads. As seen in the video there were many people and vehicles on the road. The child might be a good driver but, he is not mentally prepared to actually drive a car on public roads. By driving a car on public road, he is putting his life and life of people on road at risk at the same time. This is a punishable offence and there have been cases in the past where the parents have been punished for letting their children drive before 18.