Mahindra Scorpio with train horn shows why exactly pressure horns are BANNED

India is a nation where you would see a lot of people using their horns when they are travelling. German manufacturer, Audi had to change their horns to a heavy-duty one because in India their horns kept breaking. This happened because Indians use their horn more than other countries. People fit various types of horns, they often upgrade them. Here, is a video in which a person has fitted a train’s horn to his vehicle.

The video is uploaded by Sonam Chib on his YouTube channel. He is recording the reactions of the people on the street whenever the driver honks his horn. The vehicle that is being used here is a Mahindra Scorpio. The person has fitted a train’s horn to the SUV as you can listen to the video.

The driver does not seem to care while using the horn. The horn is very loud and we can see that some people are getting scared because of it. The driver is continuously causing a nuisance to the pedestrians. The occupants can be heard laughing and giggling. Such horns are very dangerous. We can even see him using the horn in standing traffic. Such horns can cause serious issues to hear patients and senior citizens. Such horns can create stress and anxiety.

Mahindra Scorpio with train horn shows why exactly pressure horns are BANNED

Pressure horns

There are certain rules and regulations against the use of such pressure horns. Usually, you would see such people who are using these horns in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. This is because the rules in these cities are not so strict. In Tier 1 cities, traffic cops could stop you if they catch you using any kind of pressure horns. However, traffic cops of Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities are not so strict and do not pay much attention.

According to the rules and regulations, the permissible limit for the horns lie between 96 dB and 112 dB. The new norms that are expected to get approved will bring the permissible limit down to 110 dB. Pressure horns are mostly used by busses and trucks to make others aware of their presence. Trains or heavy locomotives use such horns to announce their arrival because they are travelling at a very high speed. Such high speeds when compiled with heavyweights produces momentum which increases the braking distance of the locomotives.

Cops can seize vehicles

Traffic cops are allowed to seize the vehicles that have such pressure horns. They have special equipment that can measure the sound levels. If the sound level from the horns exceeds the permissible limits then they can seize the vehicle or the driver would have to pay a fine of Rs. 1,000. If the driver is caught for a second time then the fine is increased to Rs. 2,000.

Could be useful while off-roading

One reason in which such horns can be considered on road-going vehicles is that the owner is during the vehicle for off-roading. If a person’s vehicle gets stuck while off-roading such horns can help others in finding the stuck vehicle.