Watch 9 year-old Mahindra Scorpio transform into a ‘brand-new’ Scorpio [Video]

Mahindra Scorpio is an evergreen vehicle and since its introduction in the Indian market in 2002, it has become a living legend in the Indian market. Over the years, Mahindra Scorpio has been updated keeping up with the times. It looks quite different in the latest form than it used to look when it was freshly introduced to the Indian market. Here is a Mahindra Scorpio from 2010, which gets thoroughly updated and is transformed completely to look like the new-generation Scorpio. All the changes in the vehicle have been done for around Rs. 70,000 only.

2010 Mahindra Scorpio to new Scorpio

As per the video put up on the YouTube channel, the Mahindra Scorpio was bought as a second-hand vehicle for around Rs. 2 lakh. It is a 2010 model and there are pictures that show the pre-transformation looks of the vehicle too. The “Work-in-progress” pictures are not there but a video of the final product can be seen.

From the video, we can make out that the 2010 Scorpio gets updated front-end. It gets a new grille, new bumper, new headlamps and also new bonnet lid. The front fender seems to have been updated with the new panel too. Other changes are on the rear of the vehicle. The transformed Mahindra Scorpio gets new-age small headlamps that replace the tail lamp tower seen in the 2010 Mahindra Scorpio. Even the tailgate gets the new looks. Everything else on the exterior remains untouched.

On the inside, the transformed Mahindra Scorpio gets many changes. However, the old layout of the dashboard gives away that fact that it is an older model and not the latest version of the SUV. However, the dashboard gets updated with new material and even the seats get leatherette covers that make the cabin much more premium. No changes have been done to the engine of the SUV.

In 2010, the Mahindra Scorpio was available with the same engine options that are available with the new-age model. It gets powered by a 2.2-litre mHawk engine that generates a maximum power of 120 Bhp at 4,000 rpm and a peak torque of 290 Nm. There was a 2.5-litre DI engine too. It develops a maximum power of 73.95 Bhp and 220 Nm of peak torque.

The video has not given the details like the address and place of modification. However, you can directly contact the channel and ask for the details.

Mahindra is currently working on an all-new version of the Scorpio, which will be launched sometime in 2020. It will be powered by an all-new 2.0-litre diesel engine that is expected to churn out a maximum of 160 Bhp. The all-new Scorpio will be based on a different platform and it is expected to become much more comfortable than the current version of the car.

It should be noted that such modifications are becoming quite common in India. Earlier, an owner of Tata Aria transformed his vehicle to the Tata Hexa using extreme modifications. Many customers buy the base variants of the vehicles and then aftermarket parts to make it as good as top-end variants.