Mahindra Scorpio vs Thar vs Bolero across slush: Who wins this 4X4 battle? [Video]

Mahindra is a popular brand name when it comes to SUVs. The manufacturer offers a wide range of choices when it comes to SUVs and most of these models get 4X4 systems. Three of the affordable popular SUVs from the brand are the Thar, Bolero and the Scorpio. While all the three vehicles offer 4X4 low ratio transmission, which one of these can really conquer the off-roading sections when it is needed? Let’s find out.

Who wins?

The challenge shown here in the video is a deep slush through which all the three vehicles try to pass to show off their capabilities. First, the Mahindra Thar takes the challenge. The Thar goes through the slush pit easily but struggles for grip in the end. However, it finds enough grip on the second attempt and scores a home run. It should be noted that this is not a stock. It gets aftermarket tyres, alloys and snorkel. There are other visual modifications too but they do not interfere with the capability of the vehicle.

Second in line comes the Mahindra Bolero. It also goes through the slush pit easily but struggles really hard in the end. The Bolero attempts to clear the obstacle several times but it struggles to find grip. The Bolero finally crosses the obstacle and comes up but only after several tries. This Bolero is also not stock and has been modified with aftermarket tyres and rims.

The Scorpio comes in last and struggles even more than the Bolero. The video indicates that it is a stock Scorpio. After repeated attempts to come out of the slush pit, the Scorpio finally manages to get out after choosing a different path. In the end, a stock Mahindra Thar also attempts to cross the slush pit and struggles a lot.

What is happening in the video?

The first Mahindra Thar and the Bolero that take the challenge are modified with aftermarket tyres. While the tyres on the Thar looks like off-road spec tyres, the Bolero gets highway-spec tyres that have a different tread pattern. Such tyres are not very capable on the off-road sections.

The off-roading capability of any vehicle depends on many factors that include the condition of the vehicle, tread pattern of the tyre and most importantly, the driver of the vehicle. It is important that the driver knows how to tackle the surface with the accelerator input, clutch input and the direction of the tyres. While the Thar is sold purely as a lifestyle off-roading vehicle, the other SUVs shown in the video can be quite useful as daily driving cars.