Mahindra service centre takes customer’s Scorpio N for a 28 Km joyride: Busted by owner [Video]

After-sales servicing is a major factor in deciding the fate of any vehicle brand. We have heard several stories where people have stuck to a particular brand mainly because of the way customers and their cars were treated. There are brands where people have been facing constant issues, and the brand has not done anything to improve the experience. Here, we have a video where a customer of a Mahindra Scorpio N is seen talking about his experience with the service center. The service center staff took the vehicle for a joyride.

The video has been uploaded by ASHWIN SINGH TAKIAR on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger mentions that he had dropped his all-new Mahindra Scorpio N SUV at the nearest Mahindra service center in Delhi after facing an issue. He said that the engine wiring harness got burned on his SUV. He brought this SUV to the service center to fix these issues. Now, leaving the vehicle at the dealership for a couple of days, he had asked one of his friends to come and check the vehicle to see if they were actually working on it.

The staff was working on the car, and a day after that, the vlogger received a call from his father asking who was driving the Scorpio N. When he said that the car was parked at the service center, his father replied that he just saw the Scorpio N on the road, and the person driving the car did not even care to stop even after being asked. Like most modern cars, Mahindra is also offering connected car features with the Scorpio N.

Mahindra service centre takes customer’s Scorpio N for a 28 Km joyride: Busted by owner [Video]
Scorpio N trip history

The vlogger checked the vehicle location and last trip and found that someone from the service center had taken the SUV out for a joyride. He drove the SUV for almost 1 hour and covered over 28 km. The Adrenox application on the owner’s phone clearly shows the trip history and the route map of the places where the car was taken. The owner reached the service center and asked about the same. The vlogger mentions that the dealership or the service center did admit that their staff took the car out for a drive, but they never apologized for this act. He mentions that the service center was, in fact, taking the side of the staff.

The vlogger mentioned that the service spoke to them in a nice manner, but he has seen people have bad experiences with the dealership and service centers. The vlogger mentions that he really bought the Scorpio N because he thought he should go for Indian brands as they offer better value for money. However, after having a bad experience with the service center, the vlogger said in this video that this is the last Mahindra vehicle he will ever buy. The vlogger mentions that taking a vehicle for a drive for almost 30 km without the customer’s knowledge is unheard of. He could only track this because he had the application installed on his phone. He also complains about the issues that new Mahindra vehicles have been facing and how poorly the service centers handle them. After the issue was fixed, the service center did not even clean the car properly.