Mahindra silently fixes the Scorpio-N sunroof following the leak incident [Video]

A new video of the Mahindra Scorpio-N by Yash9w shows how the brand has fixed the gap in the sunroof that caused water to come out of the speaker grille. The video shows the 2023 Scorpio-N, which the owner of the car claims has been updated. The video shows the part of the sunroof that has got extra padding according to the vlogger.

The video shows the gap between the roof and the roof upholstery has been filled with new padding. Earlier, there was no padding between the roof and the upholstery where the roof-mounted speakers of the Scorpio-N were fixed. This caused the water to drain inside the cabin in a video by Arun Pawar a few weeks ago.

With the new padding, the water is likely to remain out of the speaker grille in case the rubber seal of the sunroof fails. However, one should note that this is different from the rubber seal that is used around the sunroof to make it waterproof. In a video by Arun Pawar, he took the vehicle under a waterfall and the water started leaking through the speaker grille of the vehicle. Later, he showed that the rubber beading or the seal around the sunroof had failed that caused the leak.

Mahindra silently fixes the Scorpio-N sunroof following the leak incident [Video]

While Mahindra did not give any official explanation for the leakage, they posted a video of another Scorpio-N parked under the same waterfall. Mahindra is yet to give any explanation for the incident while the affected car’s sunroof stopped working completely and it got stuck midway. In a new video, Arun Pawar showed that the Mahindra dealership has picked up the vehicle for servicing and repair. We can expect an official response from Mahindra after the diagnostics.

Problems with first-lot cars

Many manufacturers take the feedback of their customers who buy the first lot of new cars for improvements. One can face different problems during the ownership of the car. While manufacturers test a new vehicle for thousands of kilometres in different situations, there are problems that can arise as the vehicle ages and is used in different circumstances. Such feedback from the customers is then used to improve the vehicle further.

Videos made by Arun Pawar showed a Mahindra Scorpio-N failing under the pressure of a waterfall in Himachal Pradesh. The viral videos got a lot of responses on social media platforms.

The owner of the car has said that Mahindra’s stunt of taking another Scorpio-N to the same location and showing that the other vehicle did not face any leakage does not answer his questions. The other units of the Mahindra Scorpio-N may not have the same issue.

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