Mahindra teases intelligent features of XUV700 7 seat SUV [Video]

Mahindra is gearing up for the launch of their new flagship. It will be the XUV 700 which will sit above the current XUV 500. The homegrown manufacturer is teasing the launch of the upcoming SUV for quite some time now. They have released teasers of few features that XUV 700 will come with. Now, another teaser has been released in which Mahindra has revealed that the SUV would come with intelligent features.

The teaser was in a form of a video that was uploaded on YouTube. Mahindra is calling the new intelligent features “AdrenoX”. There would be two dual HD screens placed seamlessly in a horizontal position. The centre stage would be taken by a touchscreen infotainment system while the right one would be a digital driver’s display.

Alexa voice commands

Mahindra teases intelligent features of XUV700 7 seat SUV [Video]

The new infotainment system would get Alexa connectivity. So, you can ask Alexa to open/close the sunroof, change the temperature or the fan speed of the climate control and some voice commands for the music system. It should also be able to unlock/lock the car, tell fuel status, odometer reading etc.

Sony powered sound system

Mahindra teases intelligent features of XUV700 7 seat SUV [Video]

We have seen that many manufacturers now offer sound systems from a premium brand. Tata Motors uses a sound system sourced from JBL while Kia and Hyundai are using Arkamys and Bose. Mahindra will now also offer a premium sound system sourced from Sony. It would come with a lot of pre-built equalizer options, field size, field position and even a 3d sound mode.

Driving modes

Mahindra teases intelligent features of XUV700 7 seat SUV [Video]

Mahindra also teased driving modes for the upcoming XUV 700. There would be four driving modes. They are weirdly named “Zip”, “Zap” and “Zoom”. The fourth driving mode would be a custom one that would be configured by the driver. One thing to note is that the driving modes will only be offered on the diesel engine. We are still not sure why the drive modes would not be offered with the petrol engine.

Climate control with air purifier

In the video, we can see that the infotainment screen is showing “Smart Clean Zone” which indicates that the XUV 700 will come with an in-built air purifier. The higher variants are also expected to offer dual-zone climate control. You would also be able to change climate control via voice commands.

LED headlamps and tail lamps

Mahindra teases intelligent features of XUV700 7 seat SUV [Video]

Mahindra has also teased the headlamp and tail lamp design of the XUV 700. They are using LEDs for all the lighting elements.

Mahindra teases intelligent features of XUV700 7 seat SUV [Video]

At the front, you get what Mahindra is calling clear-view LEDs while at the rear you get “arrow-head LEDs”. The headlamp design is quite unique and comes with a C-shaped LED Daytime Running Lamp.

Other features

Mahindra teases intelligent features of XUV700 7 seat SUV [Video]

Mahindra has revealed some other features of SUV too. For instance, there would be segment largest panoramic sunroof which Mahindra is calling SkyRoof. There would be flush sitting door handles to provide a seamless look to the bodywork.  It would also come with personalized safety alerts, driver drowsiness detection and auto booster headlamps.

Engine and transmission 

Mahindra will offer the XUV 700 with a petrol and a diesel engine. Both the engines would produce class-leading power outputs. The petrol engine would produce 200 PS while the diesel engine would produce 185 PS. The torque outputs are still not known. However, what we do know is that the engines would be mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox as well as a 6-speed torque converter automatic gearbox.

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