Mahindra Thar 5-door confirmed for 2023 launch: Official

Mahindra announced its future plans in the Indian market while announcing the Q4 results last week. While there are many interesting vehicles line-up by the manufacturer for an official launch in India in the next five years, undoubtedly, the Thar 5-door attracts the most attention. Mahindra launched the all-new Thar last year in the Indian market and now, they have confirmed the launch of the five-door version of the SUV.

Mahindra Thar 5-door confirmed for 2023 launch: Official

The second generation of the Mahindra Thar has attracted massive interest since its launch last year in October. Even though the current version of the Thar is focused to take off-road rather than the tarmac and it is less practical for the families, the waiting period has crossed one year level in a few cities. The strong demand for the all-new Thar continues to increase with time.

With the open interest of the consumers of the Thar and queries in the showroom increasing about the five-door version, Mahindra has finally confirmed the upcoming model. Mahindra has indicated a timeline between 2023 and 2024 for the launch of the five-door version in the Indian market.

Mahindra has not given out any kind of details about the extended wheelbase Thar with two extra doors but we can safely assume that it will look exactly the same as the current Thar but with a longer wheelbase. Many customers of the second-generation Thar have complained about the less space in the rear seats. One should note that the Mahindra Thar is designed to do extreme off-roading and for that, a short wheelbase is required.

Mahindra Thar 5-door confirmed for 2023 launch: Official

Pure off-roading focused cars will remain impractical for daily use for families. That is why Mahindra is now planning to launch the five-door version.

2WD Thar coming soon

Mahindra is also working on a more affordable version of the Thar that will not be as capable as the standard model. Mahindra is reportedly working on a new version of the Thar that gets powered by a 1.5-litre diesel engine that is also available with the Mahindra Bolero.

The new, affordable Thar will be called the Thar Lite officially. While there are no details provided by Mahindra on the new development but as per the details, Mahindra will launch the new affordable version that will look exactly the same as the standard version of the Thar. However, it will be around 100 kg lighter.

Since it will not be a full-fledged off-roading vehicle, Mahindra will not offer 4X4 with the new vehicle. You should note that Mahindra offers 4X4 as standard with all the variants of the Mahindra Thar at present.

Mahindra Thar has become popular across India and the bookings on the SUV has already crossed the 55,000 mark and the waiting period is around 10-12 months depending on the city and the variant. Most bookings are for the automatic variant of the all-neww Thar. Mahindra offers both petrol and diesel automatic.