Mahindra Thar 5-door spotted testing as the launch nears

Mahindra is all set to launch the new Thar five-door in the Indian market next year. Before the all-new Thar comes to the market, Mahindra has started testing the SUV full-fledged. After numerous testing of the all-new Thar five-door, here is the latest set of pictures by Autojournal India showing the length of the upcoming SUV.

Mahindra Thar 5-door spotted testing as the launch nears

While the five-door Mahindra Thar gets similar aesthetics to the three-door version, there are a lot of changes. The five-door version of the Mahindra Thar is longer but there is no information on the increased length of the vehicle. The Thar will continue to get the tailgate-mounted spare wheel.

The five-door version will also get a larger centre brake lamp compared to the current three-door version. The new images also indicate the rear overhang is not much larger than the three-door version. It also indicates that Mahindra might keep the wheelbase unchanged and increase the overhands to create extra room.

Mahindra Thar 5-door spotted testing as the launch nears

The new spy images also show the Mahindra Thar’s distinctive set of five-spoke wheels. The wheel arches make the Thar five-door look very much inspired by the Jeep Wrangler. There will not be any changes to the front end of the five-door Thar and it will remain identical to the three-door version.

Mahindra Thar 5-door spotted testing as the launch nears

Mechanically, the all-new Thar 5-door will remain identical to the 3-door version. The all-new Thar is powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine that generates a maximum power of 150 Bhp and a peak torque of 320 Nm. The 2.2-litre diesel engines offer a maximum of 130 PS and a peak torque of 320 Nm. Both the engine options are available with a manual as well as an automatic transmission option.

Mahindra also working in 2WD Thar

Mahindra is also working on a more affordable version of the Thar that will not be as capable as the standard model. Mahindra is reportedly working on a new version of the Thar that gets powered by a 1.5-litre diesel engine that is also available with the Mahindra Bolero.

The new, affordable Thar will be called the Thar Lite officially. While there are no details provided by Mahindra on the new development but as per the details, Mahindra will launch the new affordable version that will look exactly the same as the standard version of the Thar. However, it will be around 100 kg lighter.

Since it will not be a full-fledged off-roading vehicle, Mahindra will not offer 4X4 with the new vehicle. You should note that Mahindra offers 4X4 as standard with all the variants of the Mahindra Thar at present.

Mahindra Thar has become popular across India and the bookings on the SUV have already crossed the 55,000 mark the waiting period is around 10-12 months depending on the city and the variant. Most bookings are for the automatic variant of the all-new Thar. Mahindra offers both petrol and diesel automatic.

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