Mahindra Thar baseball bat stunt sends 18 year-old to jail: SUV seized by police [Video]

With the increasing popularity of social media platforms, there are many who want to stand out on such platforms. A day after Uttar Pradesh police seized and arrested an owner of Mahindra Thar for throwing wads of money out of the window, another man has been arrested. Noida Police has arrested a man for doing stunts on Mahindra Thar and have seized the SUV.

The man identified as Azad is an 18-year old youngster. He shared a video of himself driving the Mahindra Thar and swinging a baseball bat out of the window. The video of driving the car and swinging the bat became viral on social media platforms.

Later, Uttar Pradesh Police shared a video of the Mahindra Thar getting towed. The incident happened in Sector 24 of Noida. The police arrested the youngster and put him in jail. The police are currently tracking down such violators using online platforms amid the growing trend of doing dangerous stunts on the roads.

Mahindra Thar baseball bat stunt sends 18 year-old to jail: SUV seized by police [Video]

UP Police also shared a warning to others and announced that the man is currently in jail. A video clip shared by the police also shows the 18-year old apologizing and making a promise to never repeat the act.

UP Police said on Twitter, “We will hunt you if you perform stunts on the road. Your vehicle will be confiscated and you’ll be locked up,”.

Man jailed for throwing currency notes

A youngster from Noida chose to throw out money from the Mahindra Thar while driving the vehicle on the public roads. Another person driving in another vehicle made the video of the person throwing out cash from the vehicle. He also made a video of himself using hooters in his vehicle while driving.

Later, Police commissioner, Gautam Buddha Nagar shared a picture on Twitter showing Mahindra Thar parked in the police compound. The cops have seized the Mahindra Thar from the owner and also have arrested the owner of the car who was throwing currency bills out of the vehicle and used a hooter on his car.

Social media videos used as evidence

The police have started sending challans online so they do not need any physical presence at the time of the incident. A small clip of the violation or even CCTV footage is enough evidence for the cops to book the violator.

Even if you upload your own video while violating a traffic law or rule, you can receive a challan from the police. Doing any kind of stunts on public roads is illegal and the violators can even go to jail along with paying massive fines.

Doing stunts on public roads can land you in a spot due to various reasons. If anyone wants to practice stunting or want to record videos, it should be done on private property such as race tracks and even farmhouses. Also, one should take note that such stunts are extremely dangerous.

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