Mahindra Thar-based Roxor off roader on Video

Mahindra will soon launch the Roxor off road vehicle in the United States. The Roxor is based on the Mahindra Thar DI that’s sold in India but comes with many specific changes to suit the US market. The off-road only vehicle will be assembled at Ann Arbor, Michigan. Here is a video that’ll give you an idea of what the Roxor is all about.

As the video show, the Roxor is mainly a recreational vehicle that can also be used for farms, and other related activities. For example, it comes with a towing capacity of over 1,500 Kgs, which means that it can be used to tow agriculture machinery or even a small trailer with farm produce.

Mahindra has equipped the Roxor with the same mechanicals as the Thar DI 4WD. This means it features a 2.5 liter turbocharged diesel engine with 62 Bhp of peak power and 180 Nm of peak torque. The engine is paired to a 5 speed manual gearbox that drives the rear wheels in 2WD mode. In 4WD mode, all four wheels are powered. The transfer case supports low and high ranges.

Mahindra Thar-based Roxor off roader on Video

Like the Thar DI, the Roxor gets a solid axle at front with leaf sprig suspension for both the front and rear axles. While this may not be a comfortable set-up for on-road driving, it’s perfect for a vehicle like the Roxor, which has been built mainly for off road use.

Such suspension is very abuse tolerant and will also provide good articulation for sticky off road conditions. It will also allow buyers to modify the vehicle extensively for serious off roading. Braking is handled by disc brakes on front wheels and drum brakes on rear wheels. There’s no ABS, or Airbags, on offer. Top speed? 70 Kph!

Prices at around $ 15,000 (Rs. 9 lakhs), the Roxor is quite expensive when we consider that it’ll neither be able to use regular roads nor provides basic creature comforts and safety features. However, it’s trying to create a new category – Retro ATVs – in the US market. To that end, the vehicle may just prove to be a hit.