Mahindra Thar ‘Beast’ By Azad 4×4 is angry MUSCLE

The Mahindra Thar is the favourite vehicle of choice for India’s off-roading community and while many prefer its old-school Willys Jeep style design, there are many owners who prefer to make their Thars stand out from the crowd. The demand for custom Thars is so high that even Mahindra has waded into the customisation game. Today, we’ll take a look at the Thar Beast by Azad Automotive Concept.

azad 4x4 thar beast

Azad Automotive Concept, better known as Azad 4×4, is a customiser of Thars and other off-road vehicles based in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. The Thar Beast is the latest off-roader to venture out of their custom shop floor into the wilds of India.

The Thar Beast comes with a host of custom features which can be seen front and centre in the form of the raised ride height, which hints at work done to make this Thar even more at ease off the beaten path.

The one word that sums up the front end is angry. The front end features custom headlamps, which give it an aggressive look that is further boosted by the red jeep logo, a 7 slat Jeep grille and a custom front bumper with a winch attached to pull you out of the mire.

Other custom features seen from the front include heavily flared and raised wheel arches under which sit the alloy wheels shod with off-roading tyres. A trio of LED light bars is stuck to the roof just above the windshield while a snorkel soars up above the driver’s side of the off-roader.

azad 4x4 thar beast

The sides of the Thar Beast by Azad 4×4 show off the three-door design of every Thar and the hardtop roof looks similar to one fitted by Mahindra’s own customisation department. At the rear, the window is almost totally obscured by the large spare tyre. On either side of the window on their own custom pedestals sit jerrycans, while the right side of the custom rear bumper hosts what looks to be a large aerial. The interiors of the Thar Beast are done up in tan leather, which gives it a luxurious look inside and the twin benches at the rear have been replaced by proper car-like seats for two people.

Image Source – Inu Chadha 4×4 India

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