Can a Chevrolet Spark keep up with a Mahindra Thar off the road [Video]

Mahindra Thar has always been the first choice for many off-roading enthusiasts in India. But there are many more who would want to buy an off-roading spec vehicle and cannot do it due to the budget constraints. Can a small hatchback like Chevrolet Spark keep up with a Mahindra Thar while off-roading? Well, here is a video that shows Mahindra Thar and a modified Chevrolet Spark, which is an FWD vehicle doing off-roading on the loose sandy area.

Chevrolet Spark & Mahindra Thar doing off-roading

The Chevrolet Spark is a discontinued vehicle but is available in the used car market. The vehicle seen here belongs to the Fat Biker Vaibhav who has uploaded the video on the YouTube channel. The Spark is not in stock condition and it has been modified all over. It gets new wider and bigger tyres on deep dish aftermarket rims. To make space for the new tyres, the front bumper has been replaced with a custom aftermarket bumper. There are aftermarket LED lamps mounted on the front of the car. The rear bumper has also been modified to make the Spark look better and give space to the aftermarket tyres.

The Spark also gets a lot of customised parts like the smoked tail lamp to make the vehicle look better. Other modifications or accessories in the Chevrolet Spark are a front and rear camera with a dashboard-mounted screen, which is used by the car to check for obstacles while off-roading. The Chevrolet Spark also carries a set of wooden planks that can be used to place the jack on soft surfaces and can be used as a traction pad of the tyres too. There are many other electrical changes in the vehicle too.

Can a Chevrolet Spark keep up with a Mahindra Thar off the road [Video]

The Chevrolet Spark can be seen having fun on the sandy surface. The car was being driven at high engine RPM and the tyres provided enough traction to ensure that Spark does not get stuck anywhere. In fact, he can be seen kicking the sand all around the place. The Chevrolet Spark came powered by a 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine that produces a maximum of 62 Bhp and 90 Nm.

Most of the people stay on the tarmac topped roads in their small hatchbacks thinking that the off-roading and bad surfaces require the use of SUVs. It is not always the case. If you know your car well, it can go to many challenging terrains. However, higher ground clearance is always an added advantage while going on rough terrains. Higher ground clearance ensures that the vehicle does not hit any obstacle while doing off-roading.

The Mahindra Thar seen in the video is a proper 4X4 off-roading SUV that gets the low-ratio transfer case too. The low-ratio transfer case increases the torque output of the vehicle and makes it extremely capable, especially on the challenging and sticky surfaces. If you are serious about off-roading, it is always better to invest in a proper 4X4 SUV but always remember that even 4X2 vehicles can also go to a few challenging places without much problem.

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